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11+ Super Simple Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers

At STEAMsational, we love our thanksgiving crafts! There are tons of fun Thanksgiving crafts for kids of all ages, but one age group that loves crafts but is often too small to do a lot of common crafts are toddlers!

This year I have a toddler who just loves arts and crafts, and so this year, I created this list of simple Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers so that we have fun things to do together during Thanksgiving break!

These Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers are age-appropriate and are not too complicated for toddlers to help with.

I don’t suggest leaving a toddler alone with any craft, but they will be able to participate and help out with the crafts on this list and do most of the projects themselves.

These Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers are also perfect to do in a daycare or group setting with toddlers as they don’t require a lot of complicated supplies or make a huge mess either!

11+ crafts that toddlers can actually make! These simple Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers are age appropriate and perfect for kids 1.5-3!

Age-Appropriate Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers

Keep scrolling to find the perfect list of Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers that toddlers can do with their actual craft ability level without making a big mess or getting frustrated.

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Supplies for Toddler Thanksgiving Crafts

If you have a toddler or are teaching toddlers at daycare or some other facility, then you’ll want to have these craft supplies on hand to use when making your toddler craft activities!

How to Store Craft Supplies in the Classroom

I like to have all of my craft supplies in one place, and I really like the use of open-top containers. Amazon has some really cool storage options for craft supplies in the classroom, including this Craft tower storage bin.

Another practical option that’s a little smaller is this open-top cubby shelf.

And if you like your craft storage to be mobile, this craft cart is sturdy enough for daily use and has a lot of storage options for all sorts of craft supplies!

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Easy Age-Appropriate Thanksgiving Crafts for Toddlers

If you are teaching toddlers at daycare, after-school care, preschool, babysitting a toddler, or teaching at any other location (or if you’re just wanting to entertain a toddler at home!), these age-appropriate toddler crafts for Thanksgiving will keep kids from age 1.5 through 3 entertained!

Pick one that you think will match the interest level of the toddlers in your life combined with their ability level and what you have on hand.

The perfect list of Thanksgiving crafts for toddlers that toddlers can do with their actual craft ability level without making a big mess or getting frustrated.

This egg carton turkey craft is made using real feathers!

Toddlers will have fun squeezing the glue in this black glue pumpkin craft.

And this fall leaf slime will make any toddler happy! If you want to prevent it from making a mess, put the slime in a bag and make it a Thanksgiving squish bag!

Toddlers will have a lot of fun making these classic handprint turkeys. And who doesn’t want to remember how small their toddler’s hand was!

Toddlers will have a blast playing with an Indian corn squish bag.

Little ones will love making a play dough turkey! They can practice pre-writing skills and fine motor skills.

Toddlers will love using corn as a painting tool. This will help them explore creativity and fine motor skills at the same time.

Use feathers and crafts sticks to make these turkey puppets!

Making turkeys out of pool noodles is perfect for little ones.

Why not make these super cute thankful paper bag turkeys and keep the focus of Thanksgiving on being thankful!

Kids can use eye droppers to create this fun wild corn craft.

Try making a turkey with a painted coffee filter. Toddlers will love the fine motor practice!

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