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Art projects with a STEM twist. These art projects are based on the concepts of science, technology, engineering, and math and bring the entire STEM discipline to life.

Don’t miss our favorite STEAM art activities, including:

Chromatography hearts
Rainbow slime
Flashlight costellations 



There are so many engineering activities for kids that have engineering design challenges for younger kids, but what about older elementary students? What engineering design activities can third through fifth graders do? Well, with this paper plate STEM roller coaster design challenge, elementary students will learn all about forces and motion, physics, and types of …

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Grab your scissors, glue, and get ready to dive into an underwater world of creativity with these exciting octopus craft ideas! Not only are octopuses fascinating creatures, but they are also a lot of fun as the star of a craft or other octopus activities. Whether your students are learning about the ocean, getting excited …

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Try out this glitter rainbow slime recipe and bring your slime recipes to life! When it comes to rainbows, my kids are fully committed to them. If something has a rainbow, my kids want it or want to do it. Sometimes, I use rainbow colors just to get my kids interested in boring subjects. Rainbows …

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Who else has so much fun making Thanksgiving crafts? There is something that is so much fun about little turkeys, pies, and other Thanksgiving themes during Thanksgiving break and November that bring some magic to the time before Christmas. These egg carton Thanksgiving crafts are even more adorable, and they are perfect for making in …

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