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Art projects with a STEM twist. These art projects are based on the concepts of science, technology, engineering, and math and bring the entire STEM discipline to life.

Don’t miss our favorite STEAM art activities, including:

Chromatography hearts
Rainbow slime
Flashlight costellations 



As educators, we understand the importance of fostering creativity and fine motor skills in our students, and this spring, it’s all about frog activities for kids! This time around, I’m teaching you how to make a poison dart frog out of clay that you can make with students in the classroom, kids at home, or …

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In the world of frog activities for kids, you can’t forget drawing and art! Today, we are teaching you How to Draw a Poison Dart Frog. To create detailed and scientifically accurate poison dart frog drawings, use examples from dart frog stock illustrations to help capture the finer details. With proper study and attention, all …

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Get ready for a ribbeting adventure as we dive into the world frog activities for kids through these books about frogs for preschoolers! In these books, children age three to five will discover the magic of frogs through exciting stories, cool activities, and games. From learning about frog habitats to discovering the many types of …

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Don’t miss these Santa Claus crafts for kids of all ages! Santa crafts are so fun for preschool, elementary school, or home! There is nothing quite like a fun Santa Claus craft to get kids excited about the upcoming holiday. While we don’t really “do” Santa as far as our kids actually believing that he …

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