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20+ Books about Frogs for Preschoolers that are Hopping with Fun!

Get ready for a ribbeting adventure as we dive into the world frog activities for kids through these books about frogs for preschoolers! In these books, children age three to five will discover the magic of frogs through exciting stories, cool activities, and games. From learning about frog habitats to discovering the many types of colors and sizes of frogs, preschoolers will have a blast reading and learning with these frog books for preschool. What’s more, these frog activities aren’t just educational, they’re super fun too! Preschoolers will jump like frogs, sing froggy tunes, and even make froggy masks to wear!

20 books about frogs for preschoolers handpicked by preschool teachers! This list of engaging preschool frog books is a must-have for preschool!

With these fun hands-on books about frogs for preschoolers and activities that go along with them, learning isn’t just a leap—it’s a splashy, giggly, leaping good time!

Exploring Books about Frogs for Preschoolers

Splash into the watery world of frogs with exciting stories and activities in our cozy classroom. Children aged three to five will discover all sorts of fun facts about frogs with these books about frogs for preschoolers

Before you pick out a preschool book about frog to read with kids 3 to 5 years old, check out some of the fun things that preschoolers can learn alongside these fun frog books and some extension activities that will make the books about frogs for preschoolers come alive.

Learning Extensions for Preschool Books about Frogs

Here at STEAMsational, we are all about STEM learning and STEAM activities. So here are some ways that preschoolers can explore science, technology, engineering, art, and math through the lens of our slimy, hoppy friends!

Science Frog Book Extension Activities

Here are some science activities you can do when reading books about frogs and preschool frog books for kids.

Childrens book sabout frogs

Lifecycle of a Frog

One science extension for childrens books about frogs is a frog life cycle activity. Show preschoolers pictures or diagrams illustrating the lifecycle of a frog, from egg to tadpole to frog. You can even set up a simple lifecycle display where they can move pictures or figurines through the stages.

Frog Science Books for the Classroom

Here are some books to learn more about frogs with your class!

from tadpole to frog book

From Tadpole to Frog Book

the frog scientist book

The Frog Scientist Book

a frogs life cycle book

A Frog’s Life Cycle Book

frogs scholastic discovery book

Frogs: Scholastic Discovery Book

frog heaven book

Frog Heaven: Ecology of a Vernal Pool Book

frog song book

Frog Song Book

poison dart frogs book

Poison Dart Frogs Book

poison dart frogs up close book

Poison Dart Frogs Up Close Book

face to face with frogs national geographic book

Face to Face with Frogs National Geographic Book

science comics frogs

Science Comics: Frogs

why frogs are wet book

Why Frogs are Wet Book

Tadpole Observation

Set up a small aquarium or terrarium with tadpoles where preschoolers can observe them closely. Encourage the children to notice differences between tadpoles and adult frogs, such as size, shape, and movement.

Frog Habitat Model

Discuss the habitat where frogs live, such as ponds or wetlands. Create a sensory bin with materials like water, rocks, plants, and toy frogs to mimic a frog habitat. Let children explore and play while learning about the environment frogs live in.

Outdoor Exploration

Take children on a nature walk to look for frogs or signs of frogs in their natural habitat. Bring along magnifying glasses or binoculars to help them observe any creatures they find.

Technology Frog Book Extension Activities

Integrating technology into preschool education can enhance learning experiences, including lessons about frogs. Here are some ways preschoolers can use technology to learn about frogs:

Frog Sounds

Play recordings of frog calls and ask children to mimic the sounds they hear. You can discuss why frogs make these sounds and how they communicate with each other.

Virtual Field Trip

Take virtual field trips to frog habitats using educational websites or videos. Platforms like YouTube or educational websites often offer virtual tours of wetlands or frog sanctuaries, allowing preschoolers to observe frogs in their natural habitats from the comfort of the classroom.

Online Games

Explore online games or interactive websites that focus on frog-themed activities, such as matching games, quizzes, and parts of a frog online activities.

Frog Webcam

Find live webcams streaming footage from frog habitats or aquariums. Preschoolers can observe real-time behavior of frogs and tadpoles, fostering a deeper connection to these creatures.

poison dart frog coloring sheets

Engineering Activities for Frog Books for Preschoolers

Introducing engineering activities to preschoolers can be a fantastic way to promote problem-solving skills, creativity, and an early understanding of basic engineering concepts

Here are a few engineering activities tailored to teaching preschoolers about frogs:

Frog Pond

Provide materials such as a shallow container, rocks, sticks, and toy frogs. Encourage preschoolers to design and build their own frog ponds using the materials. Discuss the importance of certain pond features, such as shallow areas for tadpoles and hiding spots for frogs.

Frog Jumping Game

Set up a simple game where preschoolers can experiment with making toy frogs jump different distances. Provide materials such as cardboard ramps, foam or paper “lily pads” of varying heights, and toy frogs.

Frog Feeder

Discuss what frogs eat and how they catch their prey. Challenge preschoolers to design and build simple frog feeders using recycled materials like plastic bottles, cardboard, and mesh. Place the feeders in a safe outdoor area and observe if any real frogs are attracted to them.

Art and Craft Frog Book Preschool Learning Extensions

Creating frog-themed art and craft activities for preschoolers can be both fun and educational. Here are some frog art and craft activities for preschool.

Paper Plate Frogs

Provide each child with a paper plate and green paint. Have them paint the plate green and let it dry. Once dry, they can add googly eyes, a red paper tongue, and paper cutouts for legs to create their own paper plate frogs.

Frog Handprint Art

Help children make frog handprint art by painting their hands green and pressing them onto paper to create the frog’s body. Once dry, they can add details like eyes, a mouth, and legs using markers or paint.

Spring STEM Lesson Plans

If you want ready-to-go, low-prep spring lesson plans, you’ll love these resources. Spring science can have an emphasis on regeneration, growth, new life, birth, seasons, and weather.

Frog Tissue Paper Collage

Cut out a frog shape from construction paper and provide children with green tissue paper squares. Have them crumple the tissue paper and glue it onto the frog shape to create a textured collage. Add googly eyes and a mouth to complete the frog.

Frog Puppets

Help children make frog puppets by cutting out frog shapes from green construction paper and attaching them to craft sticks.

Preschoolers can add features like eyes, a mouth, and legs using markers, googly eyes, and paper cutouts.

Math Extension Activities for Preschool Frog Books

Incorporating frog-themed math activities into preschool learning can make math concepts more engaging and fun. Here are some ideas:

Counting Frogs

Use frog-shaped counters or toys for counting activities. Children can count how many frogs they have, line them up, or sort them by size or color.

Frog Hop Measurement

Create lily pad cutouts from green construction paper and place them at various distances apart on the floor. Have children take turns hopping like frogs from one lily pad to another and count how many hops it takes to reach each one.

Frog Patterns

Create simple frog-themed pattern cards using pictures of frogs in different colors or sizes. Preschoolers can continue the patterns by placing frog cutouts or counters according to the pattern sequence (e.g., green frog, green frog, blue frog, green frog…).

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Frog Number Line

Create a number line on the floor or a wall using lily pad cutouts labeled with numbers. Children can hop along the number line, counting as they go.

You can also use this activity to introduce concepts like greater than, less than, and basic addition and subtraction.

Frog Sorting by Size

Provide your students with frog pictures or toys in different sizes. Preschoolers can sort the frogs from smallest to largest or vice versa.

Frog Counting Song

Sing a frog-themed counting song together, such as “Five Green and Speckled Frogs,” while using fingers or frog counters.

Frog Themed Resources for Preschool

Here are some teaching resources about frogs that you can use in your preschool classroom to go along with the books about frogs for preschoolers that you can use to teach preschoolers about frogs of all kids.

Frog Teaching Resources

Here are some teaching resources you can use alongside any study of frogs!


Frog Math Busy Bag

frog life cycle mat

Frog Life Cycle Mat

frog math word probems

Frog Math Story Word Problems Box

tropical frogs memory match game

Tropical Frogs Memory Sort Game

frog timer

Frog Classroom Timer

amazing frogs of the world science kit

Amazing Frogs of the World Science Kit

life cycle sequencing puzzles 1

Life Cycle Sequencing Puzzles

frog life cycle blocks

Real Life Cycle Specimens

frog life cycle specimins

Frog Life Cycle Blocks

frog abacaus

Frog Abacus

fair and square bug kit 1

Fair and Square Insect Kit

sum swamp game 1

Sum Swamp Game

frog growing starter kit

Frog Raising Starter Kit

rainforest frog toys

Rainforest Frogs Toys

frog life cycle puzzle

Frog Life Cycle Puzzle

parts of a frog plushie

Parts of a Frog Plushie

4d frog anatomy model

4D Frog Anatomy Model

frog life cycle kit

Frog Life Cycle Kit

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frogs all over

Frog Hawaiian Shirt

teaching frogs shirt

Teaching Frogs Shirt

frog socks for teachers

Frog Socks for Teachers

poison dart frog shirt

Poison Dart Frog Shirt

dangerous poison frog shirt

Dangerous Frogs Shirt

happy frogs teaching shirt

Happy Frogs Teaching Shirt

cottagecore teacher shirt

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teach kids to read frog shirt

Teach Kids to Read Frog Teacher Shirt

100 days smarter frog shirt

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teaching is frog shirt

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read books be kind frog teacher shirt

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ultimate frog guide shirt

Ultimate Frog Guide Shirt

frog and toad book shirt

Frog and Toad Book Shirt

poison dart frog socks

Poison Dart Frog Socks

frog lifecycle shirt

Frog Life Cycle Shirt

More Frog Themed Activities for Preschool!

Here are some fun frog activities for preschoolers that you can use alongside your preschool frog books!

This list of 20 frog books for preschool and childrens books about frogs are hand picked by teachers and offer educational value and tons of fun for preschoolers!

20 Exciting Preschool Books about Frogs

These frog books for preschoolers and picture books about frogs offer a fun way to teach a group of preschoolers about what it’s like to be a frog and other essential concepts in a fun, hands-on way.

poison dart frog coloring sheets

Take a look at these books about frogs for preschoolers and books about frogs and toads picked by preschool teachers below!

20 Delightful Books about Frogs for Preschoolers

These books about frogs for preschoolers will delight kids aged 3 to 5, but also not annoy teachers and parents! That's the best of both worlds, which is why these 20 preschool frog books made our list of best frog books for preschoolers.

Resources to Make Teaching Easy and Fun!

These resources contain teacher favorites that are beloved by teachers everywhere!

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classic magnatiles

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Crayola Washable Markers Classroom Pack

national geographic bug habitat

National Geographic Bug Habitat

science experiment kit classroom

Giant Science Experiment Kit

lego classic brick box

LEGO Classic Brick Large Box

crayola washable paint

Crayola Washable Paint

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