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20+ Amazingly Easy LEGO Tower Ideas for Kids

Towers are one of the most basic things you can build with any set of LEGOs. Whether you’re looking to see how tall you can make them, or you want to build something as tall as a skyscraper, the best place to start is by building towers out of LEGO bricks.

It’s a fun way to start out with easy LEGO buildings!

All of these LEGO tower ideas are perfect for kids looking to get started with tower structures, or see how high they can build! You can even use this activity to help build up to some of the more difficult LEGO structure projects in the future.

20+ easy LEGO tower ideas that you can make using classic LEGO bricks! Tons of creative LEGO tower designs to add to STEM lessons!

Easy to Build LEGO Tower Ideas for Kids

If you love LEGO and you love building, but maybe your kids are just getting into making their own LEGO designs, then you’ll want to start out with these simple LEGO towers!

You can start with the most basic LEGO tower design and then add in more STEM elements by testing towers for strength or how they stand up to wind or earthquakes!

We love using LEGO bricks in the STEM classroom because there are so many cool things you can do with them to transform creative play into STEM activities for kids.

What You Need to Build LEGO Towers

There are a lot of complicated LEGO tower sets out there, but for the LEGO towers on this list, they are all super easy to make and can be made using classic LEGO creative bricks.

As kids get more comfortable building with LEGO, you can try out more complicated tower designs, but these easy LEGO towers are the best place to start with kids new to making their own easy LEGO creations!

lego challenge cards

Simple LEGO Towers for Kids to Make

Here are a bunch of different ways you can build a tower using LEGOs.

All of these LEGO towers boost STEM skills and allow children to explore a variety of engineering principles right in the STEM classroom or at home.

llow children to explore a variety of engineering principles right in the STEM classroom or at home.

Learn how to make the LEGO Eiffel tower as a historical LEGO science tower!

Practice building a tower with this LEGO Bird tower.

Let your little ones practice building small towers with this Block Patterning with Legos activity.

Make towers out of LEGO shadows and LEGOs with this Lego Shadow Towers activity.

Teach your kids about earth science and how to build a tower with this Minecraft tower.

See who can make the tallest structure in this cool Tallest Structure Challenge.

Here is how to make the easy LEGO car shown in the video!

Are your towers earthquake ready? Find out when you try this Earthquake Towers activity.

Build a tower with this fun LEGO Tower Game.

See what you can create with this Can you build a tower activity.

Get some expert advice for how to Build your own LEGO Tower Floor.

Practice building tall structures with this Building Lego Tower Bridge.

Use LEGOs to learn who to Build a Square Tower.

lego challenge cards

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