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Easy Step-by-Step LEGO Taxi Instructions

Make this fun and colorful bright yellow LEGO taxi as part of your easy LEGO creations!

It’s not hard at all to make an adorable LEGO taxi and you can make the entire car using a simple LEGO creative brick box. These step-by-step directions will help kids in elementary and middle school make fun cars that they can race or use in STEM experiments to text various physics principles and much more!

Build a LEGO taxi in 5 minutes using just basic LEGO bricks! No complicated sets needed- use bricks you already own to make this LEGO cab!

How to Build a Taxi Out of LEGO Bricks

It’s easy to make a LEGO taxi out of basic bricks. The bright yellow color makes it look just like a taxi!

Keep reading to learn how to put together this car that is one step up from a car that is just wheels and base bricks.

It’s the little details that transform the basic car into an adorable LEGO yellow cab!

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How to Make a LEGO Taxi

It's easy to make a LEGO taxi out of basic bricks. The bright yellow color makes it look just like a taxi!

If you have a LEGO creative box, you can make so many cool things. For example, why not make a LEGO yellow cab?

When we started this project, the kids didn’t know what they wanted to make, but after going through the suggestions that LEGO offers, the kids decided to create a LEGO taxi from yellow bricks.

The only thing missing from our taxi is a taxi sign, but we didn’t have anything that would really work for that so I skipped it, but you could also create your own custom taxi sign for your LEGO car.

Gather these pieces from the LEGO large creative box to make your LEGO taxi.

easy lego car

Lego Yellow Taxi Instructions

Next, follow the directions in the video below to make your LEGO taxi.

You don’t have to be 100% in your build accuracy if you’d rather make your taxi another color or make other modifications.

simple lego car

We thought this looked like a LEGO taxi because of its bright yellow color. If you have a little taxi sign, add that to the top of the car!

When you build this LEGO taxi, start with the base, add the top, add the wheels, and finally add the details. If you have a little tax cab sign for the top of your LEGO car, you can add that, or you can make a yellow cab sign for the top of your LEGO car from cardboard or paper.

We ultimately just left our car blank, but adding a sign would bring a fun design element to the project.

lego challenge cards

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