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50+ LEGO STEM Challenges- Free Printable STEM Activities

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When it comes to making easy LEGO creations, it’s easy to add in extra educational activities along the way! For example, these LEGO STEM challenges are super fun and challenge kids to think beyond basic builds and use their LEGO bricks in new ways.

Grab our set of printable LEGO STEM challenge cards and start transforming building time into STEM hour!

Over 20 fun LEGO STEM challenges! Printable LEGO STEM challenge cards to use in the classroom or at home, plus more LEGO STEM ideas!

Fun and Educational LEGO STEM Challenges for Kids!

If you love LEGO activities for kids, then you’ll want to grab a set of these LEGO STEM challenges for kids! Click the image below to download the free printable LEGO challenges.

Before getting started, decide if you want to do a LEGO math activity, LEGO engineering activity, LEGO science project, or LEGO technology project! There are also fun LEGO art activities and LEGO design challenges to try out, too!

lego challenge cards

The Best LEGO Starter Sets

If you’re just getting started with setting up LEGO bricks for STEM activities, you’ll want to start collecting the following LEGO products.

And if you need even more LEGO building ideas, try these Science Fair Projects with LEGOs.

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LEGO STEM Challenges for Elementary Kids

Kids in elementary will have a blast with these LEGO activities and LEGO STEM projects! You can either select one part of STEM to focus on, or look for LEGO STEM Activities that include multiple elements of STEM!

Easy LEGO STEM challenge cards for the classroom! LEGO STEM activities to keep LEGO fun educational!

LEGO Math Activities

LEGO makes a wonderful hands-on tool for math. Try these fun projects and see for yourself!

Use LEGOs to make math visual and fun with these LEGO Math Challenge Cards.

The LEGO Pulleys STEM Building Challenge teaches physics and engineering.

Try the Build a Genius Lego Balance activity and learn about mass and weight.

LEGO Science Experiments

These science experiments all use LEGO! Find even more science experiments with LEGOs here.

Make a LEGO heart model and see how realistic you can make a heart model.

Learn about life cycles with a LEGO tree life cycle.

This Printable LEGO Challenge Game will teach kids about building and construction.

Make your own parachutes with LEGOs in this fun Lego Parachute Coffee Filter Activity.

Use balloons and LEGOs to make a Balloon Powered LEGO Car that can move using science.

Challenge your kids to see what kind of Wind Powered LEGO Contraptions they can build using LEGO as the construction material.

LEGO Engineering Activities

If you love LEGO engineering challenges, you’ll want to try these in your classroom!

Learn How to Make a LEGO Rainbow and and learn about colors and light.

Learn how to make LEGO hair clips as a fun thing to build that you can use again later!

Try this LEGO Zip Line Activity that can be set up in the classroom or home.

Learn How to Make a DIY Fidget Spinner with LEGOs and put those design skills to the test.

Learn How to Make an Epic DIY Lego Fidget Cube that can be customized depending on what LEGO bricks you have.

Challenge your kids to see what kind of Wind Powered LEGO Contraptions they can build using LEGO as the construction material.

lego challenge cards

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LEGO Projects for Kids

Save this idea for later so you don't forget to use it!