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11+ Build-Your-Own LEGO Carnival Games with Instructions!

We love STEM activities, and when I realized we could try doing carnival STEM activities, I knew we were on to something.

Today’s projects are all engineering themed and help kids explore the engineering and design side of the carnival by creating their own carnival games.

These LEGO carnival games use LEGO bricks to construct miniature or life-size versions of classic carnival games.

So much fun for kids in elementary and middle school, and I bet you’ll enjoy it, too!

Build your own carnival games! These LEGO carnival games show kids the engineering behind classic carnival games. Fun engineering for kids!

Build-Your Own LEGO Carnival Games for Kids

Trust me, you don’t have to be a LEGO-building expert to make most of the carnival games on this list! Most of these LEGO carnival activities can be made with everyday bricks and kids can help engineer them on their own.

Making carnival games from LEGO is a fun way to bring engineering into the classroom with a carnival twist!

Supplies for LEGO Carnival Games

You might need a few special things to make some of these games, but the purchase will be well worth it because the carnival games are so fun to play!

In addition to these carnival supplies, make sure you have a LEGO creative brick box so that you aren’t missing any basic bricks for these simple LEGO builds.

lego challenge cards

Easy to Build LEGO Carnival Activities

Follow along with the step-by step building directions below to learn how to make your own LEGO carnival!

And if you want even more fun LEGO building ideas, check out these easy LEGO creations and these Easy LEGO Cars to Build.

Follow along with the step-by step building directions below to learn how to make your own LEGO carnival games!

Balloon Powered LEGO Car

Try a classic carnival racing game when you make a balloon powered LEGO car! You can also make this pull back LEGO car version and try racing them!

LEGO Spoon Race

A spoon race may not be present at every carnival, but I’ve seen it at plenty of school carnivals! So bring on the LEGO spoon race and have a great time!

LEGO Bean Bag Toss

Check out this LEGO bean bag toss that has bean bags that look just like LEGO bricks! It’s a super fun twist on LEGO carnival activities.

LEGO Shooting Gallery

Setting up this LEGO shooting gallery is so much fun! Watch the video below to learn how to make it. A few specialized bricks are required, but once you have them, you can play this LEGO carnival game over and over!

LEGO Duplo Carnival Games

If you have Duplos, you can still make carnival games! Watch the video below to learn how to set up three fun carnival games using Duplo bricks!

LEGO Skee Ball

Skee ball is one of my favorite carnival games. That’s why this set up for LEGO Skee Ball is so fun to me!


A lot of carnivals have a fun house or maze for kids to go through. While not at that scale, you can make this LEGO maze for a marble and still get some of that funhouse experience!

LEGO Carnival Games for Kids to Play

There are even more carnival games made from LEGO in the video listed below. Even if you don’t have all the bricks to make these, with a few modifications, you can find something that will be very similar!

LEGO Duplo Ring Toss

A ring toss is a classis carnival game! This LEGO ring toss version can be made using Duplo or regular LEGO bricks and will provide hours of fun for kids of all ages.

lego challenge cards

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Bean bag toss game

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Games and activities like these can help kids develop and enhance essential skills. Thanks for sharing these ideas, I am sure kids will love them too!