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How to Make a Lego Brick Using a 3D Printer

When you make a lot of easy LEGO creations like we do, you’ll lose pieces. That is part of the process!

But what happens when you want to break out an old LEGO set and build it again? What if you are missing pieces?

Do you try to find the piece for crazy-high prices on e-Bay or the LEGO store? Or do you try to make your own?

Here’s how to make a LEGO brick using a 3D printer. This is a wonderful first entry into 3D printing because LEGO bricks are a straightforward shape and it’s hard to mess up their design.

Learn how to make a LEGO brick with a 3D printer! It's easier than you think and a favorite technology activities for kids.

How to Make a Lego Brick Using a 3D Printer

Follow along with these directions to learn how to make a LEGO brick at home with a 3D printer! It’s easier than you think and one of our favorite technology activities for kids.

lego challenge cards

Common Problems with 3D Printers

Here are some common problems you may run into when making LEGO bricks with a 3D printer.

My 3D Printer Won’t Print!

First, check that you aren’t out of filament and that the filament is loaded properly. A lot of times the filament can get jammed and cause problems.

Next, check that your printing nozzle isn’t too close to the printing bed. If it’s too close, your printer can’t move enough to print. Raise the height of the nozzle slightly and try again.

My Printing Nozzle is Blocked!

If the nozzle is blocked, there are a few ways to try to get it working again. Try:

  • Heating the nozzle and clean with a needle
  • Dismantling the hot end and extracting the filament blockage by hand
  • Pushing the block through with another piece of filament
  • Try an Atomic Pull

My 3d Printed Bricks are Misshapen!

If you print more than 6 bricks at a time, they may warp and fit weird. Printing more than 6 at a time left the bricks around the outer edge of my printer bed slightly warped and ill-fitting with the other bricks.

My LEGO Bricks Fit Together Weird!

If you try to print too many bricks at once, the bricks will heat unevenly. Even though the bricks look right during printing, uneven printer heat will make them fit together poorly.

So, keep that in mind when you print – you need an even printer bed heat to get bricks that fit together nicely.

Here's how to make a LEGO brick using a 3D printer. This is a wonderful first entry into 3D printing because LEGO bricks are a straightforward shape and it's hard to mess up their design.

Why Should I 3D Print LEGO Bricks?

LEGO bricks have fascinated children and adults for decades. There are so many unique pieces out there and really cool LEGO sets.

But sometimes, you lose a piece. And maybe you want a specific set of LEGO colors that don’t exist or that you can’t find for purchase.

So, you can do without it, or, if you own a 3D Printer, you can make your own LEGO brick!

Supplies to Make a LEGO Brick

If you have never purchased a 3D printer before, here’s what you will need to print out your own LEGO bricks.


Here are some LEGO STEM products you can use in your classroom!

All of these LEGO STEM sets have working, moving parts and are a great way to introduce complete STEM builds and activities to your students.

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LEGO Pinball Table

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LEGO Expert Fairgrounds Set

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LEGO Mars Rover

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LEGO Carnival Game

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LEGO Simple Engineering Kit

lego space rollar coaster set

LEGO Space Roller Coaster

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LEGO Classic Lots of Bricks

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LEGO Pac-Man Game

lego friends technical carnival lego set

LEGO Friends Beach Amusement Park

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Klutz LEGO Gear Bots

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LEGO Klutz Race Cars

simple machines lego kit

Simple Building Machines

lego ferris wheel kit

LEGO Ferris Wheel

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Flying Drones Building Kit

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Solar Robot Building Kit

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LEGO Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge

How to Make a LEGO Brick Using a 3D Printer Step by Step

First you have to grab your File Set for your 3D printer. Upload the brick you want to print to the slicer software.

3d printing lego brick

Make sure the minimum settings for the print bed correspond with your filament’s required settings.

Save the gcode.

Next, Load the filament into your 3D printer and then transfer the gcode to your 3D printer driver. Make sure this is correct before proceeding!

printable lego bricks

Preheat the printer bed and make sure you select PLA for the printing material.

3d printed lego block

Once the printer bed is preheated, you can tell it to “go” and allow the printer to do it’s thing. If something goes wrong at this stage, check the 3D printer troubleshooting guide above.

3d printed lego robot

When the printer stops, you can remove the bricks from the printer bed. It’s usually best to wait until they are cool before touching them to prevent warping.

lego challenge cards

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