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20+ Easy LEGO Buildings to Make with Bricks You Already Own

There are thousands of LEGO sets, and a lot of them are structures of some kind. LEGO buildings have been part of the LEGO universe for as long as LEGO has existed.

But sometimes, you don’t want to buy a new LEGO set or build something just as prescribed in the instruction book. If you are that kind of LEGO fan, then you’ll love presenting your kiddos with these easy LEGO buildings to make!

There are dozens of fun LEGO structure ideas here that kids will love putting together. And nothing is too complicated for elementary kids so you know they will have a blast making these easy LEGO buildings.

11+ instructions for easy LEGO buildings that you can make from LEGO bricks you already own! Step-by-step directions to make LEGO structures!

LEGO Buildings Ideas

There are a lot of buildings that you can make out of LEGO bricks, including a LEGO Eifel tower, LEGO house, LEGO fire station, LEGO police station, LEGO hospital, LEGO school, LEGO office, LEGO bank, LEGO castle, LEGO landmarks, and so much more.

There are so many cool buildings that you can make with LEGO bricks, and you do not need to buy a whole new set to make them!

If you have a basic brick box plus a few extra pieces from some past LEGO sets acquired along the way, you’ll be able to make these LEGO buildings!

The Benefits of LEGO

LEGO building has a lot of benefits for kids of all ages. Not only does it help kids build spatial awareness skills and develop the basics of engineering and design, it’s also a wonderful creative outlet, too!

“Getting very involved deeply involved in a creative task can be great for well-being, mindfulness, relaxation.”

 Carrie Barron, Director of Creativity for Resilience at Dell Medical School

Even if the structures that kids are making are very simple, going off book and stepping away from structured instruction booklets can be a fun creative outlet for kids that has far-reaching benefits.

Our Favorite LEGO Sets for STEM Activities

These LEGO sets are perfect for doing STEM activities and creating LEGO structures!


Here are some LEGO STEM products you can use in your classroom!

All of these LEGO STEM sets have working, moving parts and are a great way to introduce complete STEM builds and activities to your students.

lego amusement park ride working set

LEGO Amusement Park Ride

lego pinball set

LEGO Pinball Table

lego fairground set

LEGO Expert Fairgrounds Set

lego tecnic mars rover

LEGO Mars Rover

lego amusement park game brick loot

LEGO Carnival Game

simple lego engineering kit

LEGO Simple Engineering Kit

lego space rollar coaster set

LEGO Space Roller Coaster

lego classics lots of bricks

LEGO Classic Lots of Bricks

lego pacman building game

LEGO Pac-Man Game

lego friends technical carnival lego set

LEGO Friends Beach Amusement Park

lego gear bots klutz

Klutz LEGO Gear Bots

klutz lego race cars

LEGO Klutz Race Cars

simple machines lego kit

Simple Building Machines

lego ferris wheel kit

LEGO Ferris Wheel

lego drones

Flying Drones Building Kit

lego solar powered robot

Solar Robot Building Kit

lego ultimate stunt riders challenge

LEGO Ultimate Stunt Riders Challenge

lego challenge cards

Get a complete list of LEGO STEM Challenges here!

Easy LEGO Buildings to Make with Bricks You Already Own

If you have a bunch of LEGO bricks at home, it’s fun to build the original set, but there isn’t much creativity in that. Also, if you lose the instructions or some of the pieces, then it becomes annoying to try and build that set again.

You have to order individual pieces or have them 3D printed (but if you’re curious, learn How to Make a Lego Brick Using a 3D Printer here!), you have to track down the instructions- it’s a whole big thing.

Instead, why not follow along with these easy LEGO buildings and use LEGO pieces that you already own to create new and fun LEGO building ideas!

These LEGO sets are perfect for doing STEM activities and creating LEGO structures and easy LEGO buildings.

LEGO Tower Ideas

If you want more types of LEGO towers, check out these LEGO tower ideas.

Amazing LEGO Structures

And while not all towers, these amazing LEGO structures can be made using bricks you already own.

Easy LEGO Castle Tomb

There is a tomb in Saudi Arabia called Qasr al-Farid, which translates in English to The Lonely Castle. This is definitely an easy LEGO castle to make from LEGO bricks you already own!

Simple LEGO Science Tower

This LEGO science tower is based on the Eifle tower which was funded to become a scientific research tower and is still used as a radio tower today!

Easy LEGO House Ideas

Want to build a house from LEGO? These Easy LEGO house ideas will get you started on the right path without frustration.

Easy LEGO Tower

Start off simple and make this easy LEGO tower.

How to Make a LEGO Wall

Another structure that kids will have to know is how to make a LEGO wall.

How to Build a LEGO Castle from Your Own LEGOs

Everyone wants to know how to build a LEGO castle from your own LEGOs. Here’s how to do it!

Easy LEGO School

Why not create an easy LEGO school when you are making LEGO buildings?

You may also like these other easy LEGO creations.

lego challenge cards

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