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How to Build a Simple LEGO Flower with Step-by-Step Directions

We have such fun with easy LEGO creations. Building with LEGO is a fun way to practice basic engineering and design skills with kids and it helps them think about things creatively and engage in problem-solving in a fun way.

For this LEGO project, we decided to build a simple LEGO flower, but the catch is that it had to be in 3D!

Sometimes it can be hard to think about LEGO bricks in an organic way because of their rigid structure, but with a bit of innovation, kids can make it happen!

A simple LEGO flower is the easiest LEGO project for kids new to LEGO construction. It takes less than a minute to build a beautiful flower!

Directions to Build a Simple LEGO Flower in 3D

Making a 3D LEGO flower isn’t as hard as you might think. You just have to look at the LEGO pieces with a bit of imagination.

Follow along with these directions to make a 3D LEGO flower!

What Bricks Do I Need to Make a LEGO Flower?

This simple LEGO flower was made using a LEGO Creative Brick Box. If you have one of those, you’ll be able to make this easy LEGO flower!

We’ve also made other fun things with our LEGO creative brick box, including a LEGO toaster, an easy LEGO car, a balloon powered LEGO car, a LEGO alligator, and a LEGO wave!

For an extra flower-building challenge, LEGO even has a LEGO flower bouquet kit that you can purchase and make realistic-looking flowers!

lego challenge cards

How to Build a LEGO Flower in 3D

A lot of times when we think about building with LEGO bricks, we think about building structures and vehicles. These items tend to have straight angles like LEGO bricks, but you can also use LEGO bricks to make organic shapes like a flower!

Learn how to build a LEGO flower in 3D! It's easier than you think, and one of the easiest LEGO builds that is perfect for beginning LEGO builders.

This particular LEGO flower is one of the easiest projects for kids to start with, and as soon as kids are strong enough to fit the bricks together they can make this flower- probably as young as four years old.

First, you’ll need these bricks to make this particular flower, but you can alter the pieces slightly to make different kinds of flowers.

lego flower pieces

Next, before you watch the video, challenge the kiddos to see if they can figure out how to build the flower without directions.

If they need help, you can watch the step-by-step directions for building a LEGO flower in the video below.

pink lego flower

You don’t have to stick to making this simple pink LEGO flower, you can try making other colors or shapes of flowers as well! Maybe you want to make your flower really tall, or close to the ground. It’s up to you!

LEGO Flower Variations

Maybe you can create a whole garden of LEGO flowers! Try making a LEGO tulip, LEGO sunflower, LEGO daisy, LEGO violet, or a LEGO rose!

Make a bunch of 3D LEGO flowers and create a whole colorful bouquet!

lego challenge cards

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