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Wildflower Activity

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We love learning with thematic units, particularly in preschool and early elementary. Last week, we learned how to make a 3D rose model but this week, it’s all about the little ones. I created preschool flower theme worksheets for a wildflower theme so preschoolers can learn about flowers around the world!

This thematic unit centers around wildflowers but includes activities for preschoolers and children up to age seven.

My preschooler loved learning more about geography and wildflowers at the same time with the printable wildflower activity worksheet.

Learn about wildflowers and where they come from with wildflower activity pack. This geography lesson is fun for kids of all ages.

Kids will love learning about where flowers come from in this fun wildflower worksheet pack.

Information about Flowers for Kids: Native Wildflowers Around the World

In the flowers around the world printable pack, kids learn about what types of flowers grow on each continent.

In the printable pack, kids will learn what flowers are native to which continent, trace and write the names of each flower, and complete a matching activity matching the flowers to the correct continent.

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Get the Wildflower Printable Lesson Plan!

In this wildflower flower unit, kids can learn about the types of flowers native to each region of the world.

Preschoolers can use this activity pack to learn about continents, different types of flowers, where flowers come from, and they also practice writing and tracing skills.

My kids loved learning about the flowers, where they came from, and sorting them by native continent.

Get the flowers around the world pack here!

How to Use the Flowers Worksheet for Kids

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Even though I made this printable set for my preschooler, my 5th grader also loved completing the activities. She didn’t know what flowers were native to which continent either, which she was interested to learn.

Her favorite part was finding out that Antarctica does actually have two native plants, although only one is a flower. The other plant that grows in Antarctica is a grass.

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Kids can learn a lot with this wildflowers of the world activity pack!

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More Wildflower Activities

If you want even more wildflower activities, try these ideas! Preschoolers will love learning about flowers with these activities.

Make a 3D model of a rose!

Make a 3D butterfly model to pollinate your wildflowers!

Preschoolers will love this color mixing flower, that is perfect for science centers.

Try the classic color-changing flowers science experiment!

Make this easy black glue sunflower craft.

Dissect a flower and learn about what parts flowers have!

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