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20 Fun and Easy Slime STEM Fair Projects

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Slime isn’t just a tool for messy play in the classroom. You can also use slime recipes as a way to teach scientific method concepts and other science subjects, including slime STEM fair projects!

Science fair projects can be difficult for your kids to get excited about, but with the help of these slime activities, your kids will be able to put together an awesome science project using homemade slime recipes!

Slime can be used to teach concepts from states of matter, elasticity, and even how it can take different forms while starting chemical reactions. If you’re looking for a cool science project to do with your kids, here are twenty great ideas!

20+ amazing and fun slime STEM fair projects! These slime science fair projects will eliminate all frustration during science fair season!

Slime STEM Fair Projects

A STEM far is sometimes used in place of a science fair in schools. A STEM fair just wants to ensure that kids are using every element of science- including science, technology, engineering, and math!

These slime STEM fair projects all fit the bill perfectly.

Supplies for Slime Science

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slime science lesson

Science Fair Projects that Use Slime

If you love slime and science, then these slime science fair projects and slime STEM fair projects are for you!

Identify and showcase different cells in the blood with this slime 3D blood model.

Learn all about the solar system when you make this Solar System Slime Recipe!

Learn about polymers and the scientific method when you learn how to make slime with baking soda.

Watch as your slime changes into a different substance and texture and learn How to Make Fluffy Slime without Contact Solution.

This easy slime recipe will help teach your kids about states of matter and help them learn How to Make Slime With Borax and soap.

These slime science fair projects will help you dominate the science fair and have fun at the same time!

Take your slime experiment to the next level by having your kids try any of these slime science projects.

This Best Fluffy Slime Recipe will help teach your kids about different substances and how to make them with slime.

Your kids will love experimenting with different chemical reactions when you learn how to make slime with hand soap and baking soda.

This is a great science experiment to do with your kids to teach them about states of matter by making Cornstarch quicksand.

Test how far your slime can stretch when you make this DIY Super Stretchy Slime Recipe.

Show your kids different chemical reactions with the help of this erupting volcano slime recipe.

Teach your kids about the chemical reactions inside of warm and cold-blooded animals with this Warm-Blooded Vs Cold Blooded Animal Activity.

Make butter out of slime that is edible and fun with this 3 Ingredient Butter Slime Tutorial.

Learn about magnetism and how it can be made out of slime with this Magnetic Slime Recipe.

Help your kids learn about bioluminescence using this Taste-Safe Glow in the Dark Slime.

Your kids will love showcasing how this Color Changing Slime works and what the different colors mean.

Experiment with this slime recipe to make Slime Bubbles is a fun interactive slime science experiment your kids will love!

Your kids will love making this Fluorescent Slime that glows in the dark!

Your kids will have a blast testing out how to make their oobleck move with this Dancing Oobleck.

slime science lesson

More Slime Activities for Kids

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