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Stretchy, Colorful Lava Slime Recipe- Just 3 Ingredients!

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Slime recipes are our jam. We just love to make all sorts of slime variations! We’ve made a volcano slime recipe before, but this time, my kids wanted to see if we could make a lava slime recipe!

We were so pleased with how the slime turned out and it looks just like magma and cooling lava rock.

This colorful lava slime recipe looks just like real lava or magma! Just 3 ingredients and 5 minutes gives you the perfect magma slime!

Keep reading to learn how to make your own DIY lava slime!

How to Make Lava Slime

There are so many slime recipes out there, but my kids always want new variations! This time, we tried making a lava slime recipe to look just like magma and lava rock!

The kids were thrilled with the lava slime recipe and it kept them busy for an hour!

There are so many slime recipes out there, but my kids always want new variations! This time, we tried making a lava slime recipe to look just like magma and lava rock!

What You Need to Make Lava Slime

You only need 3 things to make this lava rock slime! Shop these Amazon affiliate links for your slime supplies.

Ingredients to Make Slime

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Make It a Slime Science Activity!

If you love slime. grab the slime science lab and learn a little bit about the science behind slime with these slime worksheets! It’s a fun way to bring a taste of science to your slime activities!

slime science lesson

Lava Slime Directions

Creating a lava slime recipe is a lot of fun! Here’s how to make lava slime:

Lava slime is made from black volcanic rock slime and neon yellow “magma” slime.

You’ll need to mix both colors. I used the same recipe for both slimes.

For black: Mix 1 part white glue with a squeeze of black paint, soap dye, or food coloring in a pinch. If you do use food coloring, you’ll probably have to use a lot of dye to keep it from being grey and not black.

Add 3/4 of a part of liquid laundry starch and mix. Once the slime is stretchy and no longer sticky, it is ready and you can set is aside. You can add more laundry starch if it feels too sticky.

Humidity will affect how sticky your slime is.

For yellow: Follow the same recipe as above, just dye with yellow colors.

Once both slimes are ready to go, you can add globs of yellow slime on top of the black slime. This creates a lava/magma appearance that is a lot of fun!

The slime will mix quickly, so you won’t have lava slime for long. You can keep the colors separate longer by avoiding stretching it too much.

You can also make small batches of lava slime by adding just a small amount of your yellow slime to the black slime at a time so that you can play with it for longer.

My Slime Isn’t Working

If your slime isn’t working, you probably have too much activator or you have too little activator! Check out the slime troubleshooting guide to find out how to fix problems with slime so you don’t have to throw out your batch.

Nothing is more frustrating than thinking you have to throw away slime ingredients, but in most cases, your slime issues are totally fixable.

slime science lesson

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