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The Only Non-Sticky Slime Recipe for Kids that Works!

When it comes to slime recipes, we have over 100 to choose from, but sometimes, you just really want a non-sticky slime recipe. It may be hard to learn how to make slime in other ways, but this non-sticky slime is easy and also super satisfying to touch!

Lucky for you, this non-sticky recipe for slime is the best out there! And even if you make a mistake, you can fix it easily when you learn how to fix slime.

The only non-sticky slime recipe that works. Just 3 ingredients and you'll have mess-free slime in under 5 minutes!

How to Make Non-Sticky Slime

Get our recipe for non-sticky slime below, but first, learn about what supplies you need to get started and what makes our slime recipe less messy than other slime recipes!

Supplies for Non-Messy Slime

You’ll want to have these supplies on hand to make non-messy slime!

The Best Materials for Making Slime

Here is what you need to make every basic slime recipe on STEAMsational!

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Elmer’s White Glue

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Elmer’s Clear Glue

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Liquid Laundry Starch

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Borax Powder

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Slime Activator

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Soft Clay

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Biodegradable Glitter

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Measuring Cups and Spoons

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Craft Aprons

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Instant Snow

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Scentless Lotion

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Mixing Bowls

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Sharpie Markers

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Slime Containers

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Removable Labels

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Stirring Spoons

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Soap Dye

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Shaving Cream

Printable Slime Recipe

Print out this slime guide and get our favorite slime recipe in printable form!

slime stem activity

How to Fix Ruined Slime

There are typically three things that can go wrong with slime. Mess-free slime typically has the issue of becoming stringy more than the other two problems. Usually, you can fix ruined slime with one of these three options. Check out the complete slime troubleshooting guide here.

Want to know how to make mess-free slime? This secret recipe is super easy and is simple enough even for someone who's never made slime before!

Why is My Slime Stringy?

Fluffy slime has a tendency to get stringy. If this happens, you may need to rinse it with water for about 30 seconds and then let it rest for about 2 minutes.

After that, knead the slime together and it should come together as one again and turn back into stretchy, fluffy slime.

Why is My Slime Sticky?

Sticky slime usually means you don’t have enough activator. Try adding a bit more.

If that doesn’t work, you may need to add something dry, like cornstarch, to help reduce how sticky your slime is. I like to add either cornstarch or shaving cream to eliminate stickiness.

Why is My Slime Watery?

Watery slime usually means you messed up the ratio, but it’s usually completely fixable. If your slime is too watery, try this:

  1. Add more activator. It could be you just didn’t add enough activator!
  2. Pour off excess liquid. It could be that you added too much water or activator and need to pour off some access.

If that doesn’t work, try adding a bit more glue.

What Makes Slime Less Messy?

The secret to less messy slime is to use less liquid. That’s why this slime includes no extra water at all. We just use shaving cream, white glue, and laundry starch!

You can also try making it with Elmer’s slime activator.

Time also makes slime less sticky when you use this recipe. Allow your slime to sit for about 5 minutes to fully bond chemically and you’ll have less of a mess when it’s playtime!

The Only Non-Sticky Slime Recipe that Works

best fluffy slime 1

Here’s how to make this non-sticky slime recipe.

Mix one part white glue with one part shaving cream. Mix and add any coloring that you like (we tend to like fluffy rainbow slime).

Next, add 1/2 a part of liquid laundry starch. How much starch you add will depend on a few factors like what brand of shaving cream you used and how humid it is where you are making your slime.

So there is never one absolute measurement for laundry starch. You’ll always have to feel it out a bit.

fluffy slime 1 of 4

Keep adding laundry starch a bit at a time until your slime starts to become similar to bread dough.

Once you reach this phase, set the slime aside for about 5 minutes.

When you can pick up the slime and it doesn’t stick to your hands, it is done!

If it still sticks, add a bit more laundry starch and knead.

fluffy slime 4 of 4

But be careful, because you can add too much starch and your slime will become stringy.

You’ll want to rinse out extra starch if that happens.

Store your mess-free slime in an airtight container for about a week.

If it starts to get sticky, just add a bit more shaving cream or laundry starch.

fluffy slime insta 600x601 1

Adding lotion to make lotion slime, will also help keep the mess levels down!

slime stem activity

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