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How to Make Cloud Bread- At-Home Kitchen STEM!

If you want to try your hand at making cloud bread- it’s a super fun STEM activity for kids that is easy to do at home. Kids will have a blast making this trendy recipe and they will learn something along the way, too!

Since there is so much room for variation, it is easy to turn this activity learning how to make cloud bread into a science fair project.

Learn how to make cloud bread as a fun science project for kids! Kids will have a blast  and they will learn something. too!

Cloud Bread STEM Activity

Making meringue and cloud bread is a fun science activity that will teach kids a lot about science! Keep reading to learn how to make cloud bread at home.

What is Cloud Bread?

Cloud bread is not bread. It is a meringue.

Meringue is a mixture of whipped egg whites and sugar that is baked until the egg is cooked. This traps the air inside the meringue and keeps it from deflating.

Cloud bread has a spongy texture and is fun to play with. Some people enjoy eating it, while others would rather not. 😀

Cloud Bread Science

Egg whites are 90% water and 10% protein. It is these proteins that help create cloud bread.

Protein is made up of strands of amino acids. When the egg whites are beaten, the protein strands denature (unfold) and take up more space. The sugar and cream of tartar help stabilize the whipped egg whites and keep them puffier longer.

Baking the meringue locks the cloud bread into its shape and makes it safe to eat!

Making meringue and cloud bread is a fun science activity that will teach kids a lot about science! Keep reading to learn how to do the cloud bread experiment.

Cloud Bread Science Experiment Variations

Here are some variables you can test when making cloud bread:

  • What kind of bowl to whip the egg whites in
  • How much sugar to add
  • How much cream of tartar to add
  • What temperature to cook it at
  • How long to beat the egg whites
  • What type of sugar to use

What You Need to Make Cloud Bread

Cloud bread is meringue, and as such, you’ll need:

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Troubleshooting Cloud Bread

There are two common problems that often happen when making cloud bread. Here is the solution for each.

baked cloud bread

Why isn’t My Cloud Bread Forming Peaks?

Make sure you don’t get any egg yolk in your egg white mixture. If you do, your cloud bread will not get fluffy! The fat in the egg yolk prevents the eggs from turning into meringue.

Why is My Cloud Bread Grainy?

It is possible to over-beat your meringue. If it gets grainy and starts to separate, you have beaten it too much. However, you can save the mixture by adding another egg white (no yolk!).

How to Make Cloud Bread

Cloud bread isn’t hard to make, but it does require precision. That’s what makes it such a good kitchen science experiment!

Separate 3 egg whites and make sure there is no egg yolk in the mixture. Put in a glass or metal bowl.

whipping cloud bread

Whip the egg whites with a stand or hand mixer. Once the egg whites start to fluff up, add 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar or cornstarch.

Add the food coloring at this point as well.

Keep beating the eggs until stiff peaks form and can stand on their own.

Smooth the mixture onto a piece of parchment paper on a cookie sheet in a loaf shape.

baking cloud bread

Cook in the oven at 250 degrees Fahrenheit for about 30 minutes (the longer you cook it, the harder the meringue will be).

Once the bread cools, take it out and break the spongy bread apart!

breaking cloud bread

If you like, eat it, otherwise, just enjoy the science!

elementary stem challenge cards

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