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Slime Making 101: How to Make Slime the Easy Way

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Slime can go terribly wrong, and you can learn how to fix slime if you mess up, but the secret to making slime that turns out every time is to know a little bit about what slime is, and what the most successful ingredients will be when making different types of slime recipes.

Once you understand a little more about how slime is made, then you’re ready to start making your own slime without any failures!

How to make slime the easy way! No more slime fails and wasted ingredients. 10+ easy slime recipes anyone can make using minimal ingredients.

How to Make Slime is Easier than You Think!

So, when learning how to make slime, it’s good to know what slime actually is! Read about that and then dive into our classic slime recipes.

How is Slime Made?

Slime is something that fascinates both kids and adults alike. But when you get down to it, what is slime, really?

We like to explain it in the science of slime.

Slime is a non-Newtonian fluid, meaning that is has both properties of a solid and a liquid. It can be compressed like a solid, but it also flows like a liquid.

Slime is made up of polymer chains just like flexible plastic. When the boric acid mixes with the PVA glue, the molecules combine into flexible polymer chains.

Over time, because slime is made from glue, it will harden, and you can make some pretty cool things out of hardened slime, too!

slime stem activity

What are The Benefits of Slime?

There are 101 reasons to make slime, but one big reason not to.

The big reason NOT to make slime is that it can be messy.

However, I think the benefits far outweigh the mess! And, there are plenty of non-sticky slime recipes that you can do if you need to make a slime that won’t make such a mess.

But here are some reasons you SHOULD make slime:

  • It’s a wonderful sensory activity
  • It promotes STEM awareness
  • It’s a fun chemistry science activity
  • Kids LOVE it
  • It makes a fun gift
  • There are so many fun slime variations to try
  • It can build hand strength and pre-writing skills
  • It can be therapeutic for kids with sensory needs

Whatever your reason for making slime, we have all the recipes for slime you’ll need to make your slime making experience epic! Now that gives you some ideas of what to do with slime!

What Do I Need to Make Slime?

What you need to make slime depends on what recipe you are trying to make! Check out our list of what do you need to make slime for 12 different slime recipes.

You can also shop this list below for the most commonly used slime ingredients.

What are the Best Slime Recipes to Try?

We have created and tried so many different recipes for slime that it would take too long to list them all here. Below I have listed links to the most common types of slime recipes that people often want to make- from fluffy slime to slime made with contact solution!

And if you mess up, learn how to fix slime in this post.

What Are Some Things to Do with Slime?

If you’re ready to move on from basic slime recipes and into creative ways to use slime, we have you covered! Find over 50 fun things to do with slime right here.

Depending on the ingredients used, slime can come out quite different! Here you'll find the way to learn how to make all of the most common slime recipes.

Learn How to Make Slime

Learning how to make slime is a trial and error process. Try a bunch of slime recipes and see which one is your favorite. Some people prefer harder slime, while others prefer puffy slime.

That is the beauty of slime, the texture changes based on what you add to it!

Here are some of our favorite things to add to slime:

And you always want to keep a bottle of slime reactivator on hand so your slime doesn’t get too sticky over time!

How to Make the Most Common Slime Recipes

All slime is made from ingredients that transform into slime when an activator is added. But depending on the ingredients used, the slime can come out quite different! Here you’ll find the way to learn how to make all of the most common types of slime.

Learn how to make slime with contact solution for a classic runny slime.

If you want slime with a little less give, learn how to make this slime recipe with borax.

If you don’t have a regular slime activator, then you can learn how to make slime with baking soda.

Learn how to make lotion slime for the softest slime you’ll ever touch!

If you have sta-flo, then you can learn how to make slime with liquid starch right here.

slime stem activity

My kids love making this fluffy cloud slime recipe over and over.

Here is our favorite non-sticky slime recipe.

When my kids want slime that really stretches far, they make our stretchy slime recipe.

If you’re ready to get a little more adventurous with slime making, check out this jelly slime recipe.

This is the best fluffy slime recipe you’ll ever find.

Learn how to make slime with salt in this fantastically easy slime recipe.

What are your favorite slime recipes for learning how to make slime?

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