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Summer Slime Recipes – 27 Creative Ideas for Kids

Do your kids love slime? My kids cannot get enough of slime, and they ask to make it almost every day. During the summer, we like these fun summer slime recipes!

Summer is the perfect time to break out the fun slime recipes, because kids are off of school and there is more time to play.

I love making slime with my kids because making slime is a wonderful screen-free activity for kids, and they love being creative and transforming everyday craft supplies into sticky, oozy summer slime ideas.

Try one of these 27 creative summer slime recipes and ideas for kids! We have a fun selection of summer themed slime recipes from colorful ocean-inspired slimes to fruity slimes.

There are so many fun summer slime recipes to make.

Add these summer slimes to your summer bucket list and start making some of these summer themed slime recipes today!

Summer Themed Slime for Hot Summer Days!

Make these summer slime recipes and have a blast with your kids over the summer!

A summer slime recipe is just a fun summery twist on traditional easy slime recipes. Whatever you think about as a summer theme, you can use to turn it into summer themed slime!

Here are a few summer slime ideas that we’ve tried:

  • Ocean slime
  • Ice cream slime
  • Beach slime
  • Sand slime
  • Pirate slime
  • Solar system slime
  • Patriotic slime
  • Galaxy slime
  • Unicorn slime
  • Mermaid slime

Find the recipes for all of these summer slimes below!

Fun and Educational Things to Do with Slime

There are 101 reasons to make slime, but one big one not to. The big reason NOT to make slime is that it can be messy.

However, I think the benefits far outweigh the mess! And, there are plenty of low-mess slime recipes that you can do if you’re really not wanting things to be a mess when making slime.

But here are some reasons you SHOULD make slime:

  • It’s a wonderful sensory activity
  • It’s a fun screen-free activity for kids
  • It gives you something to do at home with kids that’s fun for all of you!
  • It’s a fun chemistry science activity
  • Kids LOVE it
  • It makes a fun gift
  • It can build hand strength and pre-writing skills
  • It can be therapeutic for kids with sensory needs

Whatever your reason for making slime, we have all the recipes for slime you’ll need to make your slime making experience epic!

Want more slime? Host a complete slime summer camp!

How to Make Amazing Slime

There are a million ways to make slime, and part of the fun is how much variation there is to try! All slime will need a base (PVA glue is usually used) and a chemical reactor that will thicken the slime.

We’ve made slime from soap, glue, sugar, xanthan gum, and cornstarch, but you can make it from almost anything!

Experiment with different materials and ratios to make a slime that is unique to you.

Slime forms when the two materials mix and create a chemical bond known as a polymer chain. This is a stretchy substance that is fun to play with!

Looking for summer slime recipes for kids? Check out our creative ideas for summer themed slimes! We have all the summer slime ideas you need to make creative summer slimes for the whole family. Try it now and make your summer activities even more fun!

Our favorite slime uses a mixture of laundry starch and PVA glue. You can find the recipe for that in our unicorn poop slime recipe.

Elmer’s glue also has a new magic slime liquid, that is even easier to use than laundry starch. It makes beautiful slime and you don’t even need to use water!

Simple Slime Recipe for Beginners!

When making slime, we like to use a ratio of 1 part water, 1 part laundry starch, and 1 part glue.

Our slime comes out perfect every single time!

We like to use gel food colors because they create vibrant colors that really pop.

slime stem activity

Slime Supplies List

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The secret to making perfect slime is mixing the coloring, glitter, and glue first.

Then you can add your magic slime liquid or laundry starch.

What we love about the magic slime liquid is that it doesn’t need any extra water.

But, if you’re making a big recipe of slime, then you will want to use laundry starch because the magical activator is more expensive.

Get your kids' creative juices flowing with these 27 summer slime recipes and ideas! For summer themed slime ideas, look no further. Make colorful, fun summer slimes for hours of entertainment!

Here are of our favorite best slime supplies that can make your summer slime recipes a lot more fun! These slime supplies are all available on Amazon and local craft stores.

What to add to slime

Here are some fun things you can add to slime to make it more exciting no matter what recipe you use!

And you always want to keep a bottle of slime reactivator on hand so your slime doesn’t get too sticky over time!

All-in-One Slime Kits

These slime craft kits include everything you need to make slime creation even easier!

All of these slime craft ideas show up right on your doorstep in just a few days!

slime stem questions

20+ Creative Summer Slime Recipes that Anyone Can Make!

Try these fun slime recipes for summer and make your summer slimetastic this year! So many fun summer slime ideas that kids will love.

If your kids have been asking to make summer slime, why not start today!

You can even learn a bit of science at the same time.

Check out the list of our favorite slime recipes for summer below!

27 Creative and Exciting Summer Slime Recipes

Get creative this summer with these 27 slime recipes! Perfect for kids of all ages, indulge in lots of fun with these easy-to-follow recipes.

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