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How to Make Fluffy Ice Cream Slime- Astronaut Ice Cream Slime!

Is there anything better than neapolitan ice cream on a hot summer day? When you don’t have ice cream at home, then it’s time to turn to summer slime recipes! Today, we are showing you how to make fluffy ice cream slime with the chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors of Neapolitan ice cream that looks just like astronaut ice cream slime!

Easy Neapolitan ice cream slime! Just 4 ingredients to fluffy ice cream slime that looks like astronaut ice cream slime! Out of this world!

Today, we’re showing you how to make fluffy and delicious astronaut ice cream slime that looks out of this world. From crafting a slimey masterpiece to exploring the depths of intergalactic color and texture, this slimey treat is sure to please and inspire.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your ingredients and get ready to explore a galaxy of fun with your own homemade fluffy ice cream slime!

The Science of Slime

Traditional slime is made when boron mixes with the polymer chains in the glue, creating strong, but flexible bonds between the molecules.

slime stem activity

When you add shaving cream into the mix, you get a whole new element of fluffy slime fun! The shaving cream gives the slime a puffy texture, which is so fun to squeeze and stretch.

My kids prefer fluffy ice cream slime to any other slime recipe!

Since fluffy slime does contain borax, if you have a sensitivity to it, you may want to try how to make slime with baking soda instead.

If you're a slime lover, you'll love this fun slime recipe that looks just like real ice cream! This fun ice cream slime is a super fun ice cream activity!

How to Make Fluffy Ice Cream Slime

Making slime recipes is one of our favorite science activities ever. Read on to see how to make the very best fluffy ice cream slime!

My kids noted that their fluffy ice cream slime looked just like astronaut ice cream slime!

Fluffy slime is not the easiest slime to make. Learning how to make slime with liquid starch and clear glue is the easiest slime recipe.

When you add in shaving cream, the chemical balance is a little different and the tendency will be for the slime to be a bit stringy at first.

There are ways to get around this, which I discuss in my slime troubleshooting guide, but in general, if you work through the stringiness and your ratios are correct (as outlined below), then you will end up with perfectly fluffy slime and you won’t have to throw it out.

If you don’t want to waste a lot of ingredients, try mixing up a small batch first to make sure you won’t have to tweak it before you make the larger version.

We always stock up on gallon sizes of glue and the large laundry starch just in case something goes wrong.

And don’t forget to try our other fluffy slime recipes, fluffy apple slime, our cotton candy slime recipe, and our cloud slime recipe!

What you’ll need to build your Neapolitan slime ice cream kit:

Want to know how to make the best fluffy slime? This recipe shows you how and it's so easy and fun! This slime recipe will be a favorite!

Neapolitan Kawaii Ice Cream Slime!

Turn this fluffy ice cream slime into a STEM activity by downloading the slime STEM worksheet and using it alongside your Neapolitan ice cream slime recipe!

slime stem questions

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How to Make the Ice Cream Slime Recipe (printable directions!)

Follow these printable ice cream slime directions and you’ll have the best fluffy ice cream slime ever!

Kids will love making this astronaut ice cream slime!

If you're a slime lover, you'll love this fun slime recipe that looks just like real ice cream! This fun ice cream slime is a super fun ice cream activity!

How to Make Ice Cream Slime (Neapolitan Version!)

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Give Neapolitan ice cream slime a whirl1 This fluffy ice cream slime easy and enjoyable for the whole family! All you need is a handful of ingredients like Elmer's glue, food coloring, shaving cream, and laundry starch. Plus, learning how to make ice cream slime is a great way to spark creativity. So don't wait--take a scoop of this delightful ice cream fluffy slime recipe today!


  • Liquid laundry starch
  • Shaving cream
  • Brown, pink, and yellow food coloring
  • Pretend ice cream cones
  • Paper
  • Red pom poms


  • Measuring cup
  • Large container
  • Fork or spoon
  • Airtight container


    Start by adding two, 4 ounce bottles of Elmer's school glue to a large container.

    When it is time to dye the glue mixture, separate it into three parts and dye one brown, one pink, and the other a pale, pale yellow.

    Or, you can dye it your favorite ice cream color. We thought the Neapolitan ice cream colors were the most "authentic."

    Mix in two cups of shaving cream to the glue and stir until fully incorporated. Then, add about half a cup of laundry starch and mix.

    If your slime is still sticky to the touch, add a bit more starch until it's easy to stretch and play with. If it's stringy, just keep mixing and it will become a solid mass after about three minutes.

    Fill up the bottom of your cones with paper. This will help the slime sit on top of the cone and look more like scoops of ice cream.

    Add a cherry pom pom to the top, and play away!

    As the slime moves around, it looks like the ice cream is melting!


My kids loved playing with this and after trying all three colors of ice cream individually, they mixed them together to make real Neapolitan ice cream. Twist the colors up to make even more fun ice cream colors!

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