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Easy Slime Recipe without Contact Solution (safe for kids!)

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If you’re looking for a slime recipe without contact solution, you’ve come to the right place! This safe slime recipe without contact solution uses laundry starch instead of contact solution as the slime activator.

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The best slime recipe without contact solution. Just 3 ingredients and less sticky than other slime recipes! Get stretchy slime in 5 minutes!

The Best Substitute for Contact Solution in Slime

There are three main things you can sub for contact solution in slime.

First, borax. It is cheap and comes in a powder form, which is super easy. Some people are a bit irritated by powdered borax, which is why it is sometimes shunned. Find our borax slime recipe here.

Next, is our favorite slime activator to use- liquid laundy starch. We use the Sta-flo brand. Find our liquid starch slime recipe here.

Finally, you can use the slime activator from Elmer’s glue. This often produces the most reliable slime, but it also tends to make thicker slime, so it’s not our favorite. Our water slime recipe uses Elmer’s activator.

How to Fix Slime

If you are using something other than contact solution, you’ll run into two main problems with slime. Here is how to fix slime.

Why is My Slime Watery?

Watery slime usually means you messed up the ratio, but it’s usually completely fixable. If your slime is too watery, try this:

  1. Add more activator. It could be you just didn’t add enough activator!
  2. Pour off excess liquid. It could be that you added too much water or activator and need to pour off some access.

If that doesn’t work, try adding a bit more glue.

Why is My Slime Sticky?

Sticky slime usually means you don’t have enough activator. Try adding a bit more.

If that doens’t work, you may need to add something dry, like cornstarch, to help reduce how sticky your slime is. I like to add either cornstarch or shaving cream to eliminate stickiness.

Supplies for Slime without Contact Solution

Make sure you have these things on hand before making your slime!

slime recipe no contact lens solution

Printable Slime Recipe

Print out this slime guide and get our favorite slime recipe in printable form!

slime science lesson

The Easiest Slime Recipe without Contact Solution

If you're looking for a slime recipe without contact solution, you've come to the right place! This safe slime recipe without contact solution uses laundry starch instead of contact solution as the slime activator.

Our 2-ingredient slime recipe is super easy to make. You can add food coloring for extra fun, or just stick with clear or white glue. Glitter glue or glow in the dark glue is also fun to use!

First, mix your coloring and glue. You may want to add just a touch of water if your glue seems extra thick.

Next, add about half as much laundry starch as you added glue. If you added 1 cup of glue, add 1/2 a cup of laundry starch to start.

slime without contact solution

Your slime will start forming right away.

Your slime is done when it forms a single lump in the middle of the bowl like bread dough. The slime shouldn’t stick to your fingers after you press it.

If it does, you need to add more activator.

slime recipe no contact solution

Keep adjusting the recipe and adding activator or water depending on what your slime needs!

Slime will typically keep for about 3 days if you store it in an airtight container.

You can also reactivate slime by adding more activator if it starts getting sticky a few days down the line.

slime science lesson

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