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How to Make Slime: Easy Slime Recipes Anyone Can Make!

There are so many slime recipes, but there is nothing more frustrating than trying a new recipe and having it go wrong! What a waste of time and ingredients!

I’ve made slime for over a decade with my kids, and we’ve learned a lot long the way, including the secret for the perfect slime recipe!

You won’t have to worry if these slime recipes actually work, because all of these slime recipes have been tested dozens of times!

Don’t waste your time and money on DIY slime that doesn’t work. Instead, try one of these slime recipes and learn how to make slime that turns out right every time!

Over 100 easy slime recipes that anyone can make! Learn how to make slime, what to do with slime, and get perfect slime every time!

Once you’ve learned the basic slime making steps, you’re ready to add in fun variations for every season, holiday, and occasion you can think of!

Learn how to make satisfying slime and many different types of slime below!

What is Slime?

Slime is something that fascinates both kids and adults alike. But when you get down to it, what is slime, really?

We like to explain it in the science of slime.

Slime is a non-Newtonian fluid, meaning that is has both properties of a solid and a liquid. It can be compressed like a solid, but it also flows like a liquid.

Slime is made up of polymer chains just like flexible plastic. When the boric acid mixes with the PVA glue, the molecules combine into flexible polymer chains.

Over time, because slime is made from glue, it will harden, and you can make some pretty cool things out of hardened slime, too!

The Benefits of Slime

There are 101 reasons to make slime, but one big reason not to.

The big reason NOT to make slime is that it can be messy.

However, I think the benefits far outweigh the mess! And, there are plenty of non-messy slime ideas that you can do if you’re really not wanting things to be a mess when making slime.

But here are some reasons you SHOULD make slime:

  • It’s a wonderful sensory activity
  • It promotes STEM awareness
  • It’s a fun chemistry science activity
  • Kids LOVE it
  • It makes a fun gift
  • There are so many fun slime variations to try
  • It can build hand strength and pre-writing skills
  • It can be therapeutic for kids with sensory needs

Whatever your reason for making slime, we have all the recipes for slime you’ll need to make your slime making experience epic! Now that gives you some ideas of what to do with slime!

Why is Slime Satisfying?

Learn how to make satisfying slime with this list of over 100 easy slime recipes! These sticky slime recipes are the perfect way to learn how to make satisfying slime and will keep kids entertained for hours. These foolproof slime recipes ensure you’re not wasting ingredients on slime recipes that fail! #slimerecipes #slime #slimer #kidsactivities #summerfun #sensory

Slime is satisfying for a variety of reasons- but the main reason it is satisfying for so many is that it is a sensory experience.

There is something that feels good about sticky, stretchy slime when you touch it and play with it.

Slime is used a lot in play therapy for children with sensory needs, like those who are autistic, have ADHD, or have other neurodevelopmental differences.

Slime is not only fun and soothing, but it also encourages proper childhood development. including a boost to language skills, problem-solving skills, and cognitive abilities.

So, allowing a child to play with slime, while it may cause a bit of stress in the moment, is actually doing wonders for a child’s development and mental health.

So, let the slime play continue!

Different Slime Recipes for Kids

There is no end to the fun you can have with kids when making slime recipes! These stretchy slime recipes at so much fun, and this easy list of foolproof slime recipes means you’ll learn how to make satisfying slime in no time and you’ll get your satisfying slime recipes without the hassle. #slimerecipes #slime #slimer #kidsactivities #summerfun #sensory

We all know that buying slime all the time can get expensive.

So why not make your own slime at home?

There are a million ways to make slime, and part of the fun is how much variation there is to try!

All slime will need a base (PVA glue is usually used) and a chemical reactor that will thicken the slime.

We’ve made slime from soap, glue, sugar, xanthan gum, and cornstarch, but you can make it from almost anything!

Experiment with different materials and ratios to make a slime that is unique to you!  Slime forms when the two materials mix and create a chemical bond known as a polymer chain. This is a stretchy substance that is fun to play with!  

Our favorite slime uses a mixture of laundry starch and PVA glue. You can find the recipe for that in our post about how to make slime with liquid starch.

Get a Slime Science Lesson!

Turn slime making into a science lesson with this FREE slime science lesson!

slime science lesson

Common Slime Problems

There are two problems that often occur when making any slime recipe. Here’s how you can fix either one!

Why is My Slime Watery?

Watery slime usually means you messed up the ratio, but it’s usually completely fixable. If your slime is too watery, try this:

  1. Add more activator. It could be you just didn’t add enough activator!
  2. Pour off excess liquid. It could be that you added too much water or activator and need to pour off some access.

If that doesn’t work, try adding a bit more glue.

Why is My Slime Sticky?

Sticky slime usually means you don’t have enough activator. Try adding a bit more.

If that doens’t work, you may need to add something dry, like cornstarch, to help reduce how sticky your slime is. I like to add either cornstarch or shaving cream to eliminate stickiness.

Still have trouble with your slime? Check out the slime troubleshooting guide and learn how to fix it so you don’t have to throw out any expensive slime-making supplies.

how to make satisfying slime

What is the Most Popular Slime Recipe?

All of our recipes for making slime work, but by far, the most popular slime recipe is this one!

When making slime, we like to use a ratio of 2/3 part water, 1 part laundry starch, and 1 part glue. Our slime comes out perfect every single time!

We also like to use soap dyes because they create vibrant colors that really pop without staining hands, counters, or furniture.

What Are the Ingredients to Make Slime?

It doesn’t take a lot of expensive supplies to make slime. In fact, there are only three main ingredients to make slime!

However, before you get started making slime at home, you’ll want to make sure you have the supplies listed here.

Shop everything you need to make the recipes for slime on this list here!

And here is where you can learn the in-depth answers to the question: “what do you need to make slime?”

Things to Do with Slime

Sometimes you make slime, and then you’re just left there going, “well, now what?” If you’ve ever wondered if there are fun things to do with slime, then you’ll definitely want to check out these posts.

Going to a science fair and want to do a slime-themed experiment? Here are some slime STEM fair projects to try at the next science or STEM fair!

And here are even more slime science projects to try to transform slime playtime into a science lesson!

You can also make slime the theme of a summer camp (or as a fun thing to do any time of year). Get the details on how to make a slime summer camp here!

If you love space, planets, and the solar system, make this solar system slime recipe and transform your slime into the actual solar system!

Transform your slime into a working volcano when you make this erupting volcano slime recipe.

The Best Slimes to Buy

Sometimes you can’t make your own homemade slime, and that’s totally fine!

But if your kids still want to play with slime, how do you know what the best slime to buy is?

Many slimes sold in big box stores have a weird, watery texture that is a DISASTER if it gets into carpet or clothing, and no one wants that.

Here are some actually *good* types of slimes to buy that won’t ruin your life.

How to Make Different Types of Slime (unique slime recipes anyone can do!)

Try making these recipes for homemade slime with your kids and make fun memories while having the best sensory experiences in the world!

Here you’ll find all our recipes for differnet types of slime that you can make at home.

But most importantly, the best slime recipe in the world is one you can make at home, without the recipe failing.

All of our slime recipes have been tested and made over and over, so you can rest assured that these are all foolproof slime recipes.

Scroll down to each section to learn how to make each different type of slime.

foolproof slime recipes

Easy Slime Recipes for Beginners

Start here if you’ve never made slime before! These recipes for slime are the best basic slime recipes you can get!

This slime recipe with borax is what started the slime craze at my house, over 8 years ago! The kids still ask to make this recipe.

Here you can learn how to make slime with liquid starch. It has just three ingredients and is our go-to-recipe for slime. It never turns out bad, and it tends to be less sticky than some other slime variations.

Learn how to make lotion slime that is as soft and stretchy as you could possible imagine or ever want.

And if you don’t have any contact lens solution, use this slime recipe without contact solution.

Fluffy Slime Recipes

This recipe for the best fluffy slime is the most popular with our readers. Over 500,000 people have tried this recipe!

Here is how to make fluffy slime with contact solution!

And here is how to make fluffy slime without contact solution!

Try this super fun fluffy galaxy slime for an explosive galaxy of color!

Calling all unicorn lovers, here’s how to make fluffy unicorn slime!

If you love color as much as we do, you’ll love this fluffy rainbow slime recipe.

This fluffy patriotic slime is the perfect slime to make when you’re feeling that national pride.

Love things that glow in the dark? Then you’ll love making this glow in the dark fluffy slime.

Non-Toxic Slime Recipes

Sometimes you need a non-toxic slime! Here are our favorite non-toxic slime recipes.

These slime recipes without contact solution are truly non-toxic for sensitive skin!

Xanthan Gum Slime is a taste-safe slime and provides a full sensory experience.

One of the most fun slime recipes we’ve ever made is our sand slime recipe. It’s non-toxic and uses real sand, which gives it such a fun texture! Learn how to make sand slime in this post.

Non-Messy Slime Recipes

These slime recipes still give the experience of slime, but with way less mess!

This circus slime is a non-messy slime that is bright, colorful, and super fun!

If you learn how to make slime with borax and soap, you’ll find that it’s one of the least messy slime recipes around!

Don’t like messy slime? This is my favorite non-sticky slime recipe.

Slime Recipes without Borax

If you or your kids are sensitive to boric acid (present in laundry starch, Borax powder, and contact lens solution), you’ll want to try these slime recipes without borax!

The all-time most popular slime recipe on STEAMsational is this recipe for how to make slime with baking soda. It’s messy, but there are no ingredients that will irritate sensitive skin.

Did you know that you can use Epsom salt as a slime activator? Learn how to make slime with salt in this recipe that only exists on STEAMsational! This is the only slime recipe that uses magnesium, and it produces a stretchy, smooth slime that is super satisfying.

One of my kids’ favorite slime recipes to make is this jelly slime recipe. It doesn’t contain borax and it has a unique texture that is super satisfying for kids.

homemade slime recipes

Slime Recipes without Activator

Traditional slime activators include contact lens solution, ready-made slime activator, liquid laundry starch, or borax powder.

But a lot of times, that’s the one ingredient we’re missing when our kids want to make slime. Never fear, though, here are slime recipes without activator that your kids can make and be satisfied.

This bubbling slime is made using xanthan gum and water, and it uses no slime activator at all!

This eco-friendly slime uses cornstarch and glycerin and no slime activator.

This baking soda and soap slime is something you can whip up quickly and have hours of fun playing with! Learn how to make slime with hand soap and baking soda here.

Slime Recipes without Contact Lens Solution

Sometimes contact solution can lead to problems with slime or irritate skin or eyes. If that is happening to you, try some of these slime recipes without contact solution!

Fun Slime Themes for Kids

We have so many unique slime themes for kids. From slime recipes for holidays to slime recipes for winter, spring, summer, or fall- we have it all!

Here are our favorite fun slime themes for kids. Check out even more fun slime recipes here!

Are you a big fan of Disney? These Disney slime recipes will provide endless inspiration for Disney-themed slime.

Seasonal Slime Recipes

We love making seasonal slime recipes! Find a fun slime theme to make for every season and holiday below!

Make the best Mardi Gras slime recipe when Fat Tuesday rolls around!

Is Love in the air? Learn how to make all of our Valentine’s Day slime recipes here.

Check out our complete list of St. Patrick’s Day slime recipes and get lucky this March 17th!

When things start to warm up, kids will love making these spring-themed spring slime recipes.

Easter is another fun time to make slime! Check out our Easter slime recipes.

We like making this Earth Day-themed baking soda slime on Earth Day. It’s borax-free so it’s perfect for saving the planet and is a wonderful environmentally-friendly slime for April 22nd!

If you want to make slime on Cinco de Mayo, you’ll love our Cinco de Mayo slime.

If you are looking for a slime recipe for summer, check out the complete list of summer slime recipes!

During the fall, try making this fall leaf slime or this fluffy apple slime.

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays. And we love celebrating with seasonal slime! Check out the complete list of Halloween slime recipes here.

Christmas is a fun time to break out the slime! We have so many Christmas slime recipes that we had to collect them all into one post!

slime science lesson

Edible Slime Recipes

These slimes are so good you can eat them!

This easy Jellybean Slime recipe is an edible slime and is fun for kids of all ages!

Taffy Slime is made by using a taffy recipe that is slightly under cooked. Because it is a real candy recipe, it is one of the most edible slimes available.

Try this super simple Peeps Slime recipe for a delicious marshmallow slime!