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Fun Patriotic Games for Kids (not just for July 4th!)

If you love doing patriotic activities for kids, of course you have to add fun patriotic games for kids to the list! Who wouldn’t want to try out these super fun, red, white, and blue themed games that every kid will love playing on the 4th of July, or all summer long!

Whether you are looking for a lawn game to play on July 4th when the kids are waiting for it to get dark enough for fireworks, or if you want to play a patriotic-themed indoor game at daycare or when learning about the country, you’ll find a lot of fun games for July 4th and other red, white, and blue holidays below!

These super fun, red, white, and blue themed patriotic games for kids are what every kid will love playing on the 4th of July and all summer!

Super Fun, No-Fuss Patriotic Games for Kids

I hate buying games online a lot of times because you never know if the items will be cheap or fall apart the first time you use them. That is super frustrating for kids (and for your wallet).

I tried really hard to select game options that are high-quality and built-to-last. You want to be able to use these patriotic games for 10 years, not just 10 minutes!

Supplies for Patriotic Activities

Shop these Amazon affiliate links to get everything you need for your patriotic themes and games!

Patriotic Lesson Plans

If you are teaching kids about the 4th of July or any other patriotic theme this year, you’ll love the patriotic science bundle! Click the image below to learn more about these done-for-you patriotic science lessons that kids will love! You’ll love how easy it is to just print and teach.

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4th of July Games for Kids

It doesn’t matter if you do these games on the 4th of July or not, any time you want to celebrate the stars and stripes or the old red, white, and blue, these 4th of July games are for you!

One year my daughter had a patriotic themed birthday, and we played a lot of these patriotic games for kids!

Everyone ate homemade ice cream (which you can learn how to do the ice cream in a bag science experiment here), played games, and watched fireworks together. It was super fun and one we talked about for years!

I tried really hard to select game options that are high-quality and built-to-last. You want to be able to use these patriotic games for 10 years, not just 10 minutes!

Try 4th of July Bingo inside this year. It’s also a fun thing to do on a rainy 4th.

Patriotic Cornhole is one of my favorites! This is just about the only game I’m good at, and I really love the festive colors.

Toddlers and babies not old enough for official games will love playing in this Patriotic Splash Pad! Keep cool and represent your country.

I’ve always considered the 4th of July to be a family holiday. And nothing says family like a Patriotic Potato Sack Race!

Patriotic Bingo is another fun twist on bingo if you need more options!

Who doesn’t love a classic bean toss game? This Patriotic Bean Bag Toss gives it a festive flair.

If your family is into traditional sports, why not pick up a Patriotic Basketball! You’ll instantly know it’s yours!

This Patriotic Board Game is like a citizen test for kids (and it will stump adults, too!).

My kids are really into these bubble popping toys this year (probably because of their ADHD). This Patriotic Bubble Popper just makes me happy for some reason.

Back to traditional sports, I just can’t get over how much I love the look of this Patriotic Baseball Launcher.

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Patriotic STEM Kits

If you don’t want to gather materials all by yourself, kids will love playing around with these complete patriotic kits instead! Shop the Amazon affiliate links below for a selection of patriotic STEM activity kids that you can just open up and do in one sitting.

Rocket Science Kit

Smithsonian Rocket Science

Meteor Rocket Kit

Fizz Pop Boom Science

Exploding Booms Science

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