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Patriotic STEM Activities for Kids Perfect for Celebrating America

When it comes to STEM activities, we love making activities around a holiday theme, like these patriotic STEM activities! If you want more patriotic activities for kids, we have those, too!

With summer approaching, all the American holidays are just around the corner, including Memorial Day and the 4th of July.

In anticipation of these events, I decided to put together a collection of STEM 4th of July Activities that kids will love doing during patriotic celebrations.

Use these patriotic STEM activities to a patriotic theme, 4th of July activities, or screen-free summer activities for kids.

These 4th of July STEM activities would make the perfect addition to any patriotic STEM unit.

Most of the projects in this list are designed for kids between preschool age and upper elementary, with most of the STEM projects appealing to kids right around 5-7 years old.

You’ll also want to check out out summer STEM activities and summer science experiments!

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Patriotic Activities for Elementary Students

4th of July Activities for Kids

If you have a kid in elementary, try these super fun summer STEM activities with a red, white, and blue twist!

4th of July STEM Activities

Kids will love these hands-on patriotic STEM activities!

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4th of July STEM Activities

Patriotic STEM Kits

If you don’t want to gather materials all by yourself, kids will love playing around with these complete patriotic kits instead! Shop the Amazon affiliate links below for a selection of patriotic STEM activity kids that you can just open up and do in one sitting.

Patriotic Science Activities

If your kids are science lovers, then they will have a blast with these red, white, and blue patriotic science experiments! Try out your favorites or do a whole bunch to kick off the summer season!

patriotic science for kids

Older kids will have such a blast setting off these Patriotic Paint Bombs.

This fluffy Patriotic Slime is very low-mess!

If you can’t do real fireworks this year, try Milk Fireworks!

Turn white flowers red white and blue with the Patriotic Color Changing Flowers experiment.

Patriotic Technology Activities

These patriotic activities for kids all have a fun technology twist!

patriotic technology activities

Exploding Rockets are a fun way to make explosions safely.

Make your own Patriotic Discovery Bottle and learn about density and viscosity.

Make Mint Fireworks and discuss, what technologies go into making mints?

Make your own Fireworks in a Jar and talk about the history of fireworks.

These 4th of July STEM activities would make the perfect addition to any patriotic STEM unit. Find patriotic STEM activity ideas here!

Patriotic Engineering Activities

Engineering is a lot of fun for kids of all ages, but particlarly for kids in middle school and elementary school.

These engineering challenges all have a fun patriotic twist, and are perfect for 4th of July activities for kids!

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Patriotic Confetti Poppers let kids build a confetti popper without any real explosives.

Patriotic Towers let kids practice building skills using fun patriotic colors.

Straw Rockets are easy to make and are super fun for kids to play with.

Build a LEGO Flag, it’s harder than you think!

STEAM Patriotic Activities for Kids

Patriotic Art Projects for Elementary Students

If your kids like the A in STEAM, these patriotic art projects for elementary students are for you!

Tape-resist patriotic balloon painting is art at its most patriotic!

Stars and stripes OP art (so much fun!)

These kid-safe fireworks are so much fun!

Make a flag moasic out of other pictures!

Patriotic Math Activities 

Math is way more fun with a patrotic twist! Keep those math skills sharp over the summer!

These Patriotic Math Worksheets are fun for kids of all ages!

Star Sticker Math is fun for younger kids.

patriotic theme ideas

Try Star Spangled Math with early elementary students.

Patriotic Addition and Subtraction gives a fun patriotic twist to math lessons.

Independence Multiplication and Division is perfect for kids in upper elementary.

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More Patriotic Activities for Kids

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