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11 Magical and Exciting STEM Mermaid Activities for Kids

When you want to do Summer STEM Activities, of course, you have to have a day for STEM mermaid activities for kids!

These STEM activities with mermaids give kiddos a chance to explore the world of magic with a touch of science at the same time. Hands-on learning in the summer is tons of fun when you make it mermaid-themed!

Keep reading to find the list of our favorite mermaid STEM activities, but first, make sure you have everything you need to get started!

11+ magical and fun mermaid STEM activities! These STEM mermaid activities for kids teach science, technology, engineering, and math!

Easy Mermaid STEM Activities to Try this Summer

Try these adorable hands-on mermaid STEM activities this summer and make your magic a bit more scientific!

Supplies for Mermaid STEM Activities

Use these supplies to make your science experiments with mermaids fun and easy! This post contains affiliate links. View our privacy policy for more information.

11 Magical STEM Mermaid Activities for Kids

If your kids love mermaids and the ocean, they will have so much fun trying these mermaid STEM projects!

Combine magic and science with these mermaid STEM activities! Mermaid science is fun in these mermaid activities.

Mermaid Science Experiments

Mermaid science experiments are the place to start when you want to try an educational mermaid activity! Here you’ll find over a dozen mermaid-themed science activities that kiddos of any age will have so much fun with.

Of course, you can’t forget to make Mermaid Slime as part of any mermaid STEM activity!

There are tons of fun mermaid science ideas that you can try out here! It’s super cute and a lot of fun.

Mermaid STEM Projects with a Technology Focus

Technology is used routinely in science. Here are some mermaid STEM ideas that feature elements of technology.

This Play Doh Mermaid Squishy Circuits Project teaches kids about the technology of electrical circuits.

Learn how currents work with this current STEM project and lesson on convection heat experiments

This Water Density Experiment also shows how currents work!

Learn about the layers of the ocean in this Ocean Layer Liquid Density Experiment!

This mermaid STEM activity challenges kids to catch a mermaid.

Mermaid Engineering Activities

Engineering is already fun, but why do boring projects when you can make it magical and mermaid-themed?

Discover air currents when you make these paper plate mermaid twirlers!

Make your very own mermaid-themed bath bombs and learn about chemical reactions at the same time.

Design you own mermaid tail using household supplies as a fun mermaid-themed engineering challenge.

This engineering project challenges kids to recreate Ariel’s ocean castle using craft supplies.

Mermaid Math Activities

Mermaid math is so much fun for kids of all ages. If you love mermaids, you’ll enjoy these math activities featuring mermaids.

Mermaid lovers will enjoy these mermaid math cards!

It doesn’t get much cuter than these mermaid math pages!

Mermaid roll and color math makes it fun during the summer.

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