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Magical Disney Science Activities Inspired by Disney Movies

These Disney Science Activities are perfect for exploring, learning, and creating. The best part is that they’re all either Disney-themed or can be paired up to relate to Disney shows and movies as well. It’s a super fun way to explore science experiments for kids!

If you’re looking for fun science activities for kids who love Disney, you don’t want to miss out on these great ideas. Some involve a bit of messy play, but they’re all loaded down with some aspects of learning and science.

Here are our top suggestions for fun Disney Science Activities that the kids are certain to love!

Disney knows magic, but you know science. Now they meet in these 11+ Disney science activities inspired by your favorite Disney franchises!

Disney Science Activities that Kids Will Adore!

I don’t know if we have to say this, but unlike when we made Sofia the First slime, Lion Guard Masks, and Mickey Roadster Racers, Disney did not commission or is condoning these activities at all. These are simply science experiments inspired by Disney themes and characters.

That being said, kids will love these. There isn’t much else to say about it! Why do boring science when you can do magic science?

Supplies for Disney-Inspired Science Experiments

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11+ Magical Disney-Inspired Science Experiments

If the kids in your care are as in love with Disney productions as mine are, they will love these Disney-inspired science activities and experiments.

You can scroll through the list below and find science experiments to suit your favorite Disney franchise, whether it is Marvel, Star Wars, Disney Princesses, classic movies, Pixar movies, or the new animated movies!

If the kids in your care are as in love with Disney productions as mine are, they will love these Disney-inspired science activities and experiments.

Make a volcano science experiment inspired by Moana and Maui!

If you love slime, you’ll love these Disney slime recipes.

You’ll find great Fairy Tale Science Experiments inspired by Disney here that the kids will enjoy doing and learning from.

Use these marshmallow constellations to find the second star to the right so you can get to Neverland!

Does the Tree of Life have a life cycle? Learn about the life cycle of a tree in this Earth Day LEGO challenge.

Make up this fun Disney Star Darlings Inspired Glow Jar so that the kids will have their very own nightlight.

How long will the hands stay frozen? You’ll have to try this Melting Elsa’s Frozen Hands Activity to find out.

Don’t all fairy god mother’s need their own Fizzing Fairy Potions?

This Sorting Ariels Cave activity is a great way to talk about different textures and materials.

If you’re a Big Hero 6 Fan, you’ll love these science activities inspired by the movie.

Explore the science in Tarzan with these science worksheets.

A self-inflating Forky is a fun way to explore chemistry with Toy Story 4!

Explore the science of aerodynamics with these Planes themed paper airplanes.

Follow this guide on How To Make Mickey Mouse Tie Dye Shirts and teach kids about the science of dye!

elementary stem challenge cards

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