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25 Magical Disney Slime Recipes to Make with Kids

If you have little ones in your household, then you know the only thing they love more than a good Disney movie is making a mess!

Disney slime is a fun interactive messy play idea that can be as fun and messy as you want, or an easy clean-up activity that teaches your kids a little bit of science in the midst of all that gooey fun. We have a lot of slime recipes, and these are all Disney-inspired!

Disney and slime now collide with Disney slime! 35+ easy Disney inspired slime recipes that kids will love making and playing with!

This is why I decided to combine our love for Disney and slime to make some fun Disney slime recipes! These are great extension activities to do after watching the movie, or just for a little Disney-inspired fun at home!

Disney Slime Ideas for the Whole Family

Disney slimes are super fun to make because who doesn’t want a slime inspired by their favorite Disney movie?

There are tons of Disney-inspired slime recipes here- from Disney princess slime to classic Disney movie slime!

How Do You Make Disney Slime?

Disney slime is a fun interactive messy play idea that can be as fun and messy as you want, or an easy clean-up activity that teaches your kids a little bit of science in the midst of all that gooey fun. We have a lot of slime recipes, and these are all Disney-inspired slime!!

You can make Disney slime starting out with a basic slime recipe. Some of our favorites are liquid starch slime, the best fluffy slime, and borax slime.

If you are having trouble with your slime, check out our slime troubleshooting guide.

What You Need to Make Disney Slimes

All slime requires a base, an activator, and add-ins. We find glue-based slimes to be the most reliable.

Find what you need to make your Disney slime below!

slime stem activity

Super Cute Disney Inspired Slime Recipes

Who doesn’t love Disney? And if you’re like us, you also love science experiments for kids and slime.

So, why not combine them?

These Disney inspired slime recipes will be perfect for your next Disney adventure!

Get all the disney slime recipes that you need for birthday parties, play at home, and disney watching fun!

Disney Princess Slime

This Tinkerbell Slime is inspired by Disney’s Tinkerbell and a great party favor or fun activity for any Peter Pan lover.

Inspired by the Amulet of Avalor, this Sparkly, Pretty, Sofia the First Slime is Fit for a Princess!

Frozen Slime 

This Frozen slime is a simple recipe your whole family will love.

Enchanted Rose Slime

Made with real roses, this Beauty and the Beast inspired slime is so much fun!

DIY Golden Sparkle Slime

Make a slime that really sparkles with this Beauty and the Beast inspired slime recipe.

Tangled Glitter Slime 

Inspired by the flowers from Tangled, this Rapunzel inspired slime is both fun to play and super beautiful.

Sparkly Mermaid Slime 

This easy Little Mermaid inspired slime recipe should be part of your world.

Moana Coconut Fluffy Slime 

Make this ooey gooey fun Moana inspired coconut slime recipe that is fluffy and fun.

3-Ingredient Disney Moana Ocean Slime 

This easy three ingredient Moana inspired ocean slime is a great sensory play activity for your kids.

Elsa-Themed Frozen Slime

This glittery Elsa inspired slime recipe is the perfect frozen activity for any Elsa fan.

Disney Princess Slime 

This Disney Princess inspired slime recipe is perfect for any princess lover.

Disney’s Princess Jasmine Slime  

If your kids love Aladdin, they will have a blast making this Jasmine inspired slime recipe.

Disney Superhero Slime

Your slime cannot be more patriotic than this Captain America Fluffy Patriotic Slime! As a bonus, the fluffy slime texture is less messy!

Make this Easy Incredibles Slime with liquid starch that looks just like the Incredibles colors!

This Hulk Slime  is the perfect slime recipe for watching the Avengers or for any Marvel lover.

Channel the Avengers when you make this Iron Man Slime.

Make these Disney Inspired Slime Recipes with your kids to add a bit of magic to your day!

Disney Character Slime

If you love the Lion King, you’ll like this lotion slime recipe dyed to look like a zebra! You can make the whole savannah!

This xanthan gum slime is glue-free and looks just like the monsters from Monster’s Inc!

If your kids love Planes they will love this Dusty Crophopper Slime  recipe.

This Toy Story Alien Slime is really out of this world and reminds me of the aliens from the movie!

This Disney·Pixar’s Coco Inspired Sugar Skull Slime is a great hands-on play activity if you loved Coco.

If your kids loved The Good Dinosaur, they will love this fun dinosaur erupting volcano slime.

If your kids love Winnie the Pooh, they will love this fun Edible Honey Slime!

101 Dalmatians is a classic, and this 101 Dalmatians Slime recipe is just as fun as the movie.

Aladdin was one of my favorite movies growing up! This Aladdin Slime captures the feel of the movie perfectly!

Disney Star Wars Slime

Discover a galaxy far, far away when you learn how to make galaxy slime!

Explore the dark and light side of the force when you make this Last Jedi slime.

This glow in the dark lightsaber slime is so much fun for kids to play with in the dark!

slime stem activity

More Slime Recipes You’ll Want to Make

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