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2-Ingredient Cornstarch Slime Recipe (no glue or borax!)

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You don’t need glue to make this amazing 2-ingredient cornstarch slime recipe! It’s not oobleck, it’s real slime made with cornstarch!

We love our slime recipes, but sometimes we’re out of glue. I try not to make it happen, but sometimes I drop the ball.

So if your kids want to make slime and you’re out of glue, what do you do? Do you just not make slime?

You don't need glue to make this amazing 2-ingredient cornstarch slime recipe! It's not oobleck, it's real slime made with cornstarch!


Slime must be made.

Here’s how to make cornstarch slime if you don’t have glue or a slime activator.

How to Make Cornstarch Slime

Make this easy cornstarch slime recipe that just has 2 ingredients! It’s so easy to make and doesn’t have any borax or glue at all!

Here's how to make cornstarch slime if you don't have glue or a slime activator.

What You Need to Make Cornstarch Slime

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Ingredients to Make Slime

Make It a Slime Science Activity!

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slime stem activity

Cornstarch Slime Recipe Directions

Follow along with this super simple recipe for cornstarch slime!

This slime recipe is basically the easiest ever. All you need is soap dye (you can also use food coloring if you don’t mind dyed hands), cornstarch, and vegetable glycerin.

This is a recipe that is done entirely by appearance and based on the texture that you want. The humidity of your location will affect how much glycerin you need to add.

cornstarch slime

What I like to do is add the dye to about a 1/2 cup of corn starch.

Then, add in glycerin tablespoon by tablespoon.

glue free slime

At first, it will look like sticky playdough. But as you add in more glycerin and keep mixing, a smooth, slimy texture will form.

But you can’t expect it to ever be not sticky. Cornstarch slime is sticky.

borax and glue free slime made with cornstarch

If you want to cut down on the stickiness factor, you can add glycerin to your hands sort of like you would when buttering your hands to make popcorn balls.

Does Cornstarch Slime Make a Mess?

So, the one drawback of cornstarch slime is that it is very messy.

That’s why we like using soap dye because it keeps clothing from getting ruined.

But the best play to make cornstarch slime is either outside or in the kitchen so you can keep control of the mess.

I also wouldn’t make this slime with young kids. Young kids would do better with our best fluffy slime recipe, but if you’re OK with the mess, go for it!

I often let my toddler make a huge mess because she loves it so much.

How to Clean Up Cornstarch Slime

Because cornstarch and vegetable glycerin are water soluble, clean-up is a breeze! Warm water and soap will remove the slime reside from hands, dishes, surfaces, and anything!

Wipe away slime from surfaces with a damp rag.

If you get it on the carpet, wait for the cornstarch to dry. Then you can just vacuum it up and you won’t stain the carpet!

slime stem activity

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Save this idea for later so you don't forget to use it!