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How to Make Slime with Hand Soap and Baking Soda

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Sometimes you don’t have the supplies necessary to make traditional slime recipes. But does that mean you can’t make slime?


Slime must be made.

If you want an alternative slime recipe that doesn’t have glue or any sort of borax, this is the slime for you!

A natural slime that is easy to dispose of when you’re done playing with it.

Find out how to make slime with hand soap and baking soda below!

Learn How to Make Slime with Hand Soap and Baking Soda. Glue free, borax free, and totally safe for everyone to play with! Easy to make!

Baking Soda and Soap Slime

Keep reading to learn how to make slime with baking soda and soap! That’s all you need to make this fun, gooey slime recipe.

What You Need to Make Baking Soda and Soap Slime

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Ingredients to Make Slime

What Detergent Works for Slime?

If you want your baking soda slime to have a bit more bounce to it and be less messy, you can try adding Tide detergent!

Tide detergent contains a bit of borax in it so it will create a slime that is less messy than this version that just uses hand soap and baking soda.

Is Baking Soda and Soap Slime Messy?

This glue free slime recipe contains just baking soda and soap! It's easy to make and fun to play with!

Soap and baking soda slime is messy. It will stick to fingers and anything else you stick it to.

If you want a slime that is less messy, check out our best fluffy slime recipe. That is the least messy slime you can make and still call it slime!

The baking soda slime will be sticky. There is no getting around that.

However, you can remove a bit of sticky factor by freezing the slime for about 10 minutes in the freezer.

This will make it easier to handle, but it will also eliminate some of the slime factor and make it a bit more like play dough.

Make It a Slime Science Activity!

If you love slime. grab the slime science lab and learn a little bit about the science behind slime with these slime worksheets! It’s a fun way to bring a taste of science to your slime activities!

slime science lesson

How to Make Slime with Hand Soap and Baking Soda

Making slime with baking soda and hand soap is a little different than other slime recipes.

First, add about 1/2 a cup of baking soda to a bowl. Sprinkle in a few drops of your chosen food coloring (we picked orange!).

baking soda and hand soap slime

Next, add about a tablespoon of dish soap or liquid hand soap. The kind of soap doesn’t really matter.

Mix the baking soda and soap together.

soap slime

You may need to add more soap to give your slime a more slime-like consistency. Keep adding soap until you are happy with how it looks and squishes.

baking soda slime

It’s up to you whether you’d rather have a slimier, messier texture or a less slimy, less-messy texture.

slime science lesson

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