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The 20 Best Frog Activities for Preschoolers to Try this Spring!

Hey there, preschool teachers and frog enthusiasts! Are you ready for more fun frog activities for kids? Get your galoshes ready because we’re about to dive into a puddle of fun and learning with these exciting Frog Activities for Preschoolers. Whether your students are three or five years old, you will find a bevy of resources offering hands-on activities, interactive games, and creative crafts for preschoolers, all centered around our favorite amphibian friends.

Help your preschoolers discover the magic of frog habitats, learn about their unique life cycles, and even get their hands a little muddy as they recreate a frog's watery world right in the classroom with these fun frog activities for preschoolers.

Help your preschoolers discover the magic of frog habitats, learn about their unique life cycles, and even get their hands a little muddy as they recreate a frog’s watery world right in the classroom. Hop on over and check list of educational frog activities for preschoolers.

Hands-On Frog Activities for Preschoolers

With these preschool frog activities, your preschoolers can hop, leap, and explore the fascinating world of frogs. Imagine a buzzing classroom filled with excitement and laughter as your preschoolers engage in hands-on activities and interactive games that will teach them all about spring’s favorite creature.

Ready to get started? Here are some helpful resources to make completing these preschool frog activities even easier.

How to Teach Frog and Tadpole Science to Preschoolers

While completing frog activities, like a frog life cycle activity, a paper plate frog, or egg carton frogs, you will want to add frog science preschool activities and other kids frog lessons and activities for your frog theme.

Here is some helpful information to share with your preschool class while completing these frog crafts and activities for kids.

Start by introducing the concept of frogs and tadpoles in a simple and engaging way. You can use picture books, videos, or even toys to show what frogs and tadpoles look like.

Explain the life cycle of a frog in simple terms. Show pictures or diagrams illustrating the stages: egg, tadpole, froglet, and adult frog. Use props like plastic models or drawings to make it more tangible for preschoolers.

Plan hands-on activities to help preschoolers understand the concepts better. For example:

  • Set up a tadpole observation tank where children can watch tadpoles grow and develop.
  • Provide coloring sheets or crafts where children can create their own frogs and tadpoles.
  • Use sensory bins with water and toy frogs/tadpoles for tactile exploration.

Read books about frogs and tadpoles. Choose age-appropriate stories that capture children’s imaginations and teach valuable lessons about nature.

Review the frog learning concepts regularly, Have your preschoolers draw pictures of the frog life cycle or retell the story of a frog’s growth from tadpole to adult.

Essential Supplies for a Frog Theme

Check out these essential supplies that you may need to complete the preschool frog activities listed in this post.

For printable frog activities, you will need:

For frog science and STEM, check out these frog books for preschoolers and frog STEM activities for preschoolers.

Frog Science Books for the Classroom

Here are some books to learn more about frogs with your class!

from tadpole to frog book

From Tadpole to Frog Book

the frog scientist book

The Frog Scientist Book

a frogs life cycle book

A Frog’s Life Cycle Book

frogs scholastic discovery book

Frogs: Scholastic Discovery Book

frog heaven book

Frog Heaven: Ecology of a Vernal Pool Book

frog song book

Frog Song Book

poison dart frogs book

Poison Dart Frogs Book

poison dart frogs up close book

Poison Dart Frogs Up Close Book

face to face with frogs national geographic book

Face to Face with Frogs National Geographic Book

science comics frogs

Science Comics: Frogs

why frogs are wet book

Why Frogs are Wet Book

Frog Teaching Resources

Here are some teaching resources you can use alongside any study of frogs!


Frog Math Busy Bag

frog life cycle mat

Frog Life Cycle Mat

frog math word probems

Frog Math Story Word Problems Box

tropical frogs memory match game

Tropical Frogs Memory Sort Game

frog timer

Frog Classroom Timer

amazing frogs of the world science kit

Amazing Frogs of the World Science Kit

life cycle sequencing puzzles 1

Life Cycle Sequencing Puzzles

frog life cycle blocks

Real Life Cycle Specimens

frog life cycle specimins

Frog Life Cycle Blocks

frog abacaus

Frog Abacus

fair and square bug kit 1

Fair and Square Insect Kit

sum swamp game 1

Sum Swamp Game

frog growing starter kit

Frog Raising Starter Kit

rainforest frog toys

Rainforest Frogs Toys

frog life cycle puzzle

Frog Life Cycle Puzzle

parts of a frog plushie

Parts of a Frog Plushie

4d frog anatomy model

4D Frog Anatomy Model

frog life cycle kit

Frog Life Cycle Kit

Fun Facts about Frogs

Here are some froggy fun facts to share with your preschool students.

Frogs are the ultimate acrobats of the animal kingdom. These little hoppers can jump up to 20 times their body length in a single bound.

Put on your galoshes because we're about to jump into a fun and educational puddle filled with hands on frog activities for preschoolers.

Frog ribbits aren’t just for show – they’re actually a way for frogs to communicate with each other and attract potential mates.

Frogs come in many colors- not just green. Some species of frogs even have translucent skin that allows you to see their internal organs.

Frogs are also incredibly sensitive to changes in their environment. Pollution, habitat destruction, and climate change can all have a devastating impact on frog populations around the world.

Frog Shirts for Teachers

When learning about frogs, wear these awesome frog shirts for teachers!

frogs all over

Frog Hawaiian Shirt

teaching frogs shirt

Teaching Frogs Shirt

frog socks for teachers

Frog Socks for Teachers

poison dart frog shirt

Poison Dart Frog Shirt

dangerous poison frog shirt

Dangerous Frogs Shirt

happy frogs teaching shirt

Happy Frogs Teaching Shirt

cottagecore teacher shirt

Cottagecore Teacher Shirt

teach kids to read frog shirt

Teach Kids to Read Frog Teacher Shirt

100 days smarter frog shirt

100 Days of School 100 Days Smarter Frog Teacher Shirt

teaching is frog shirt

Teaching is Un-frog-gettable Teacher Shirt

read books be kind frog teacher shirt

Read Books Be Kind Frog Shirt

ultimate frog guide shirt

Ultimate Frog Guide Shirt

frog and toad book shirt

Frog and Toad Book Shirt

poison dart frog socks

Poison Dart Frog Socks

frog lifecycle shirt

Frog Life Cycle Shirt

Preschool Frog Activity STEM Extension Ideas

Here are some fun topics to teach preschoolers while learning about frogs that can be added to any activities for toddlers and preschoolers that teach young kids about frogs.

First up, let’s talk about the science of slime. Did you know that frogs secrete a slimy mucus that helps keep their skin moist and protected? Well, get ready to get slimy because we’re going to dive headfirst into the world of polymers and non-Newtonian fluids with some hands-on slime-making experiments. It’s messy, it’s gooey, and it’s oh-so-fun!

While learning about frogs, let your preschoolers explore the world of froggy habitats and ecosystems. From building miniature ponds to creating frog-friendly terrariums, preschoolers can learn all about the delicate balance of life that exists in these watery wonderlands.

And don’t forget to grab our FREE frog coloring sheets to use in your classroom. These realistic frog coloring sheets are perfect for the preschool classroom.

poison dart frog coloring sheets

More Preschool Spring Activity Ideas

Here are some other fun springtime lessons that you can use in your preschool classroom!

Frog Books for Kids

Here are some frog science books and books featuring frogs that you can use in your classroom to go along with any frog STEM activity!

amphibians science book 1

Amphibians Science Book

Toads and Other Amphibians 1

Toads and Other Amphibians Book

jump frog jump book

Jump Frog Jump Book

i dont want to be a frog book 1

I Don’t Want to Be a Frog Book

a spoonful of frogs

A Spoonful of Frogs Book

kids explore poison dart frog 1

Kids Explore Poison Dart Frogs

science comics frogs book 1

Science Comics: Frogs

tadpole to frog book 1

Tadpole to Frog Board Book

reptiles and amphibians for kids book 1

Reptiles and Amphibians for Kids Book

20 Creative Frog Activities for Preschoolers

With a focus on interactive play, imaginative exploration, and STEM concepts, these preschool frog activities will captivate young minds and inspire a lifelong love of learning.

Frog Activities for Preschoolers

Satisfy the insatiable energy of preschoolers when you complete these hands-on frog activities for preschoolers. From letters to gluesticks, there are so many fun ways to learn about frogs!

Resources to Make Teaching Easy and Fun!

These activities for your frog theme inject excitement and creativity into STEM teaching by offering educators a rich array of hands-on, interactive activities that seamlessly integrate science, technology, engineering, and mathematics concepts.

With ready-made lesson plans and engaging resources, teachers can effortlessly transform their classrooms into dynamic learning environments where students actively explore STEM principles through frog-themed adventures.

Classroom Decorations for Spring

Here are some fun spring decorations to use to brighten up the classroom if spring outside is taking its time to arrive!

paper bug cutouts

Bug Paper Cutouts

4 season classroom door decorating kit

4 Season Classroom Door Decorating Kit

Never Stop Growing Bulletin Board

Never Stop Growing Bulletin Board

bunny bulletin board

Bunny Bulletin Board

paper flower decorations classroom

Paper Flowers

spring holiday door decorating kit

Spring Holiday Classroom Door Decorating Kit

hanging flowers

Hanging Paper Flowers

farmers market deluxe classroom decorating kit 79 pc 14356242 a01

Farmer’s Market Classroom Decorating Kit

4 seasons classroom tree decoration

4-Season Classroom Tree

spring vibes classroom door decorating kit

Spring Vibes Classroom Door Decorating Kit

Get even more spring decorations for the classroom here!

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