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20 Engaging, Easy Spring STEM Challenges for Kids

Who else just loves doing spring STEM activities? One of my favorite things ever is to do spring-themed activities and projects with children. They are always so interested to learn about the world. In this list of spring STEM challenges for kids picked with teacher feedback, you’ll find some of our very favorite spring STEM activities for kids of all time! Any grade spring STEM activities will love these spring STEAM challenges!

Spring STEM activities for kids-  science technology engineering and math! Get free printable spring STEM worksheets and more with spring STEM challenges for kids!

Keep reading to get to the list of spring STEM challenges for kids with science technology engineering and math, but first, check out a few things to make your fun spring STEM activities for kids easier!

Engaging Spring STEM Challenges For Kids that Bring Spring to Life!

If you are teaching or mentoring a child in any way, try some of these spring STEM challenges! It’s a wonderful way to bring STEM to life and encourage a lifelong love of science.

Gather your spring STEM supplies before completing any of these spring STEM challenges for kids with your classroom.

What You Need to Teach STEM Spring Activities

We like to keep things light and fun in the STEM classroom! Here are some of our favorite products using my affiliate links for STEM supplies.

Must-Have Supplies for the Classroom

Check out these must-have resources and supplies for the classroom and grab anything you’re missing from one of our affiliate partners.

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Click each image above to learn more about each product and purchase it for your classroom!

Of course, you’ll also want to take a look at our elementary STEM challenge cards! They are super fun to use in STEM bins or as STEM idea sparks! Go here to learn how to set up a STEM center.

Click the image below to download the spring STEM challenge cards!

spring stem challenges

Spring STEM Supplies for the Classroom

Here are some fun spring-themed activities and kits to add to your spring STEM activities.

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Nature Exploration Boxes

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Spring Books for the Classroom

Here are some spring books that you can use in your classroom this spring to teach kids about spring science and other spring topics!

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Spring Science Book Set

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Weather Science Book Set

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April Classroom Printables Set

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More Spring STEM Challenges for Kids

Here are some other spring STEM activity ideas that you can try with kids this March, April, and May!

20+ Easy to Implement Ideas for Spring STEM Challenges for Kids

Try these spring STEM challenges for kids to shake off the winter blues and celebrate the return of flowers, rainbows, and baby animals! Low-prep ideas that won’t take days to plan and set up.

If you are teaching or mentoring a child in any way, try some of these spring STEM challenges! It's a wonderful way to bring STEM to life and encourage a lifelong love of science.

Spring STEM Activities for Kids that Teach Science

Learning about Flowers is a lot of fun when you examine flowers around the world!

Make a rainbow with this Color Changing Flowers Experiment.

Another fun life cycle activity that comes with a worksheet! Apple Tree Life Cycle Worksheet.

Try to recreate a treat life cycle from LEGO in this Life Cycle Earth Day LEGO Challenge.

Kids will have a blast trying out this Egg Shell Garden Science Project.

Teach children how plants grow and what they need to survive in this Seed Germination Experiment.

Spring STEM Activities for Elementary Using Technology

Show children How to Make a Cloud in a Jar and learn about the water cycle!

Continue the weather theme by making these Puffy Paint Types of Clouds for Kids!

Kids Spring STEM Engineering Activities Picked with Teacher Feedback

Kids will have a blast making this 3D Butterfly Life Cycle Science Project.

And of course, we can’t forget the bees! Try this 3D Life Cycle of a Bee Activity for Kids.

The tornado in a jar science experiment with be a hit with kids of all ages.

Easy Spring STEM Math Activities

Kids love clip cards, and these Strawberry Math Clip Cards are just adorable!

When it comes to math, nothing is more fun than this Watermelon Seed Spitting Math Game!

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