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Outdoor Watermelon Math Seed Spitting Game- Make Math Fun!

Now that summertime is practically here, all we want to do is eat watermelon and swim. However, we still have a week or so of school left, so we can’t toss in the towel yet!

What we can do, however, is make our last week of school more fun, like with this watermelon math game where students can take turns spitting watermelon seeds and measuring how far they went and other fun watermelon math activities!

This is one of our favorite quick stem activities to date!

Exciting hands-on watermelon math game for kids to do outdoors! A fun measurement game all about spitting watermelon seeds!

Watermelon Seed Spitting Measurement Game

We had a blast playing the watermelon seed spitting measurement game and we hope you do, too!

The hardest part of this activity was finding a watermelon that had seeds. I had to look at three stores, but I finally found one at Walmart that was from a local seller.

This was in Texas, but I bet you would have more luck finding a seeded watermelon at a farmer’s market.

Turn this Watermelon Math Game into a STEM Activity!

Here are some ideas for turning your watermelon seed spitting game into a full STEM activity.

  • Estimate how far you can spit a seed.
  • Measure the distance between each seed after it lands.
  • Calculate the average distance that the speeds traveled.
  • Calculate the probability of landing seeds in the same spot.
  • Make a graph that shows the distance of all seeds.
  • Determine if height, age, or spitting technique affects how far a seed can go.
  • Try to spit a seed to a pre-specified distance.
  • Measure the angle of the spitting technique that makes the seeds travel the greatest distance.

You don’t have to stay cooped up inside the last few weeks of school. The watermelon speed spitting game is the perfect hands-on math activity to try when your kids are board of indoor learning.

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Watermelon Math Game Supplies

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How to Do the Watermelon Math Measurement Game

Eat your watermelon and set aside the seeds.

Make a start line on the sidewalk where the kids will stand to spit the seeds. Have the kids do a practice spit to see how far they can spit the seeds without trying too hard.

Measure the distance of each “pace” seed and mark it with sidewalk chalk. Our first “pace” seed traveled about 100 inches.

Kids bored of textbooks? Make math fun with this simple watermelon seed spitting measurement game that brings math to life in the great outdoors.

Take turns trying to spit the seeds as far as you can.

Measure how far the seeds went using the measuring tape.

Add in some of the variations listed above to adjust the watermelon seed spitting game for various age groups and math ability levels.

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