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21 Quick STEM Activities that Will Bring Out the Genius in Every Child

STEM activities (activities with elements of science, technology, engineering, and math) help children see that science and math can have a creative element, too. Try these quick STEM activities when you don’t have tons of time to plan!

In today’s world, technology seeps into everything we do, and children can be taught to approach all of their learning through the lens of scientific exploration.

However, we don’t always have time for involved STEM activities for kids that take weeks to complete (although those are beneficial as well!).

Get ready for the ultimate list of quick STEM activities. These quick STEM challenges for elementary students will help kids learn STEM concepts fast. Quick and easy STEM challenges are the perfect way to help kids learn science, technology, engineering, and math in less than 30 minutes. #stemactivities #stemed #stem #handsonlearning #kidsactivities

But if you’re simply looking for a few easy and quick STEM activities for your kiddos, you’ll appreciate the quick STEM lessons you’ll find in this post.

Today, I am sharing 21 quick STEM projects that are simple to set up and quick to do.

You’ll love how quickly you can set up these projects and get them completed, even if you have just a few minutes to do them in!

Perfect for easy STEM activities in the classroom or at home. Teach science in minutes, rather than hours. 

What are Quick STEM Activities?

STEM activities (activities with elements of science, technology, engineering, and math) help children see that science and math can have a creative element, too. Try these quick STEM challenges when you don't have tons of time to plan!

Integrating learning across Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, there are quick and easy STEM challenges suitable for children of all ages on the list, and many of these activities can be easily scaled up or down through questioning to suit the age of your child.

In this case, a quick STEM challenge is one that takes 30 minutes or less to complete- or one class period!

The hardest thing might just be choosing which quick and easy STEM activity to try first!

21 Fast STEM Activities for Kids

Kids will love these hands-on STEM activities, and teachers and parents will love how quickly you can use these lessons to illustrate science lessons and teach STEM thinking skills to kids.

Why Do Quick STEM Activities with Kids?

A STEM activity is more than just a hands-on project that includes elements of science, technology, engineering, and math.

STEM activities are whole-brain exercises, that kids can use to explore disciplined subjects in a creative and exploratory way.

One of the best things about quick STEM activities is that there are no right or wrong answers.

In a true STEM experiment, children learn to think of solutions to problems on their own, with no particular planned outcome, just like in the real world.

STEM activities are one of the best ways to prepare children for problem solving and learning in the real world, and they give kids a taste of what sort of decision processes adults go through every day.

With the openness of STEM activities guiding children, there is no fear of failure and children who typically look for the “right” answer are encouraged to explore a topic, rather than just memorizing an answer.

Kids who regularly engage in quick STEM activities are better able to solve problems, think outside the box, go through a logical process to come up with an answer, and can tell you why they chose a certain solution clearly.

What Kids Learn Doing Quick STEM Activities

elementary stem challenge cards

Quick STEM activities help illustrate the concepts of science, technology, engineering, and math in a fast, easy-to-see way that is ideal for quick science and STEM lessons, such as for early elementary science class, kindergarten lessons, STEM and science centers, preschool, STEM summer camp, and more!

The quick demonstrations work well when time crunches are an issue, and for many of these activities, kids can do them alone, making them perfect for self-guided play and exploration.

Check out more fun STEM themes, including our list of easy science experiments for kids and creative STEM activities.

Easy STEM activities are lots of fun. But you don't need days for these quick STEM projects. These quick STEM activities take 10 minutes or less for easy STEM challenges! Quick STEM challenges are the perfect way to teach STEM fast, and without the hassle. #teachingstem #stemactivities #stemed #stem #steamactivities #scienceteacher #science

You don’t have to take a long time to teach a STEM lesson. Kids can learn the basic elements of science, technology, engineering, and math in these hands-on STEM projects for kids.

Use these lessons when you need to teach a scientific topic, but don’t have time to spend weeks on the project.

Quick STEM activities can be used to help keep morale up in the STEM classroom between bigger projects, as they often give fun, quick, and visually appealing results.

You can also use these quick STEM activities at home to make learning fun there!

How to Set Up Quick STEM Challenges for Kids

Looking for quick STEM activities? These fast STEM activities offer simple STEM challenges you can do in 30 minutes or less. Who says STEM activities have to take forever? Easy STEM projects are the perfect way to introduce STEM to kids. #stemactivities #stemed #stem #handsonlearning #kidsactivities

When possible, it’s best to mix several elements of STEM together, using elements of science, technology, engineering, and math all at once.

You’ll maximize the learning of children and help them understand how all the elements of STEM activities work together.

More STEM Activities for Kids

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Quick STEM Activities that Take 30 Minutes or Less

Follow along with these activities to find a bunch of fun science, technology, engineering, and math activities that can be done in less than a single class period.

And best of all, they are super fun, too!

Quick Science Experiments for Kids

These fast science experiments are a breeze! Learn about liquid density, surface tension, non-Newtonian fluids, slime, light refraction, and more!

Quick Technology Activities for Kids

Fast technology challenges you can do in minutes! Learn about circuits, coding, binary, and more!

Quick Engineering Activities for Kids

Rome might have taken more than a day to complete, but these engineering projects won't! You can knock these quick engineering challenges out in just minutes!

Quick Math Activities for Kids

Quick math challenges for on-the-fly learning. You don't have to take forever to do math activities!

elementary stem challenge cards

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