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20+Spectacular and Fun Circus STEM Activities

When it comes to STEM activities, there are so many fun themes to choose from from gross, to seasonal, to ocean!

But one theme that is always a lot of fun both for kids to do and adults to teach is circus STEM activities!

When I searched for circus STEM experiments online, I didn’t see as many as I wanted there to be. So I created them all!

So in this list, you’ll find some of the most unique circus STEM projects that you’ll see on the internet today.

So keep reading, grab your circus book inspiration, and take on these circus STEM challenges!

20+ amazing and fun circus STEM activities! Learn all about the circus with fun STEM themes like candy science, circus slime, and more!

Circus STEM Activities that Kids Will Love!

Kids will have so much fun completing their circus STEM challenges. Keep reading to find ideas for everything from science, to art, to math!

Circus Science Books

If you want to learn more about the science and STEM of the real circus and acrobats, you’ll want to grab these books for your class!

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Adorable and Creative Circus STEM Experiments for Kids

Try these circus STEM experiments with your class today!

Try these circus STEM experiments with your class today!

Circus Science Experiments

If you love the circus, you will have a blast teaching these Circus Science Experiments.

DIY Circus Tent

Kids can learn how to make a life-size DIY circus tent following these directions.

Circus Art Activities

Kids of all ages will appreciate these Circus Art Activities. There are circus art ideas for kids from preschool through middle school! Anyone who loves the circus will like these circus art projects.

Circus Theme Classroom Ideas

If you want to create a fun vibe in your classroom, you’ll love these Circus Theme Classroom Ideas!

Circus Math Activities

Circus Math Activities are a lot of fun when you need a fun them for math. The math activities in this list are perfect for early elementary.

Circus Slime

Where would we be without slime? This adorable and colorful circus slime will please kids of all ages.

Preschool Circus Theme

This preschool circus theme is filled with hands on circus STEM activities for preschoolers!

Elephant Toothpaste Explosion Experiment

Animals may not be part of the official circus anymore, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try this fun elephant toothpaste explosion experiment. No elephants required!

Popcorn Science Experiment

This popcorn science experiment shows how changing the form of an item can change other properties like weight!

Cotton Candy Slime

This cotton candy slime looks just like the real thing and is so much fun to make and play with.

Cotton Candy Science Experiment

Find out properties of matter using cotton candy. The cotton candy science experiment is one kids won’t forget in a hurry!

Circus Peanuts Science Experiment

Have circus peanuts? Then try this circus peanuts science experiment! Not everyone loves the candy, but they will all love the science experiment!

Circus Technology Activities

These circus technology activities are a blast!

Hot Air Balloon Egg Drop

Sometimes you see a hot air balloon at the circus. When that happens, I’m always pleased! Kids can create their own hot air balloon egg drop in this STEM activity.

Balloon Science Experiment

In the balloon science experiment, find out which alternative fuel to helium is best for filling balloons.

Trampoline STEM Challenge

Challenge kids to make a trampoline from rubber bands in the trampoline STEM challenge.

Circus Engineering Activities

Kids will have so much fun with these circus engineering activities! From building their own circus tent to learning how an acrobat balances, the circus is filled with STEAM fun!

Circus Tent Craft

Want a circus tent on a smaller scale? Let kids practice engineering skills when they make a 3D circus tent craft!

Balance Science Experiment

The circus and acrobatics is all about balance. This fun balance science experiment uses a pencil, but it uses the same principles of balance as an acrobat would on a tight rope!

Zipline STEM Challenge

The circus and acrobats are all about ziplines! In this zipline STEM challenge, kids will build a zipline for circus performers.

LEGO Acrobat Engineering Challenge

Can you get a LEGO acrobat to balance? Find out in the LEGO acrobat engineering challenge.

Ring of Fire Catapult STEM Challenge

In this catapult STEM challenge, kids will learn how to shoot an acrobat through a ring of “fire” using STEM skills!

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