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Kid-Pleasing Circus Science Experiments

Here at STEAMsational, our thing is STEM activities for kids and science experiments. We can’t get enough of fun science themes, like gross science and candy science.

We’re always trying to find a new way to explore a subject with science. This led us to wonder, are there circus science experiments?

Turns out there aren’t that many other people on the Internet who are perhaps *quite* as into weird science as we are, but we did find these circus STEM activities to try out!

If you love the circus and science, then you'll have a blast trying out these circus science experiments. Kids will love the circus science activities!

And who knows, we may be making more of our own circus science experiments in the near future now that our curiosity has been peaked!

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The Ultimate List of Circus Science Experiments

If you’re a circus lover and a science lover, then you’ll love this blend of circus-related science experiments! Circus science experiments capture some of the magic of the circus, all while teaching science!

Without further ado, try out these fun circus science activities with your circus-loving kiddos!

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Circus Slime

This slime is red and white, just like a big top! Kids can learn about chemical bonds, non-Newtonian fluids, polymers, and a bunch of other stuff when they make this slime.

Sugar Crystal Science Experiment

Have you ever eaten rock candy at the circus? I used to love rock candy as a child, but now the thought of eating rock crystals hurts my teeth. We’ve never been able to get our crystals to behave and stick to a string, so we just make them in the bottom of jars.

Dancing Popcorn Experiment

You can’t go to the circus without getting popcorn. But what can you do with the leftover kernels? Why, make them dance, of course!

If you love the circus and science, then you'll have a blast trying out these circus science experiments. Kids will love the circus science activities!

Elephant Toothpaste

Most animals are banned at the circus now, and for good reason, but when I think circus, I think elephants (thanks to Dumbo, probably). You can learn about the life habits of elephants, and you can also make this fun elephant toothpaste chemistry experiment.

Gravity Balancing Experiment

Acrobats on the tight rope must practice physics every day! Make your own mini tightrope and see how difficult it really is to get something to balance!

M&M Rainbow

Candy is a staple of the circus. Learn about dissolving, solutions, mixtures, and more in this fun candy dissolving experiment. The bright colors are also circus friendly!

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Light Color Mixing

Lights are a big deal at the circus! Practice lighting up the big top and learn all about how light works and how you can mix the colors of light with this fun circus science experiment.

Shadow Puppet Science

You may not get to see real animals at the circus anymore, but you can have fun with these shadow puppet animals! Shadow experiments remind me of some of the magic of the circus.

Cotton Candy Experiment

Nothing says circus like cotton candy. This cotton candy science experiment will fit right in with your circus science activities.

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Balloon Rocket Science Experiment

Balloons and over-the-top activities are staples of the circus. Make your own bright balloon rockets and learn about the physics behind air-powered rockets!

Popcorn Science Experiment

Before you’ve devoured your popcorn, try this fun popcorn science experiment where kids can determine which cooking method is best for popcorn.

Blowing Up a Balloon Experiment

Is helium really the best thing to use to blow up balloons? If you’re having a circus party, this fun balloon science experiment is the perfect way to celebrate the circus.

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