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8 Exciting July STEM Activities to Extend Learning into Summer!

Kids been hitting the screens too hard?

Try these July STEM activities and keep kids learning this summer!

We love to search for summer STEM activities, but sometimes, it’s nicer to have activities you can print out and use, like our new July STEAM activity set.

I always love doing more STEAM activities in the summer because there are a lot of fun things you can experiment with inside and outside, and it’s just a lot of fun for kids!

For July, I’ve collected some of my kid’s favorite summer science experiments that have a STEAM twist.

These experiments have themes including ocean, mermaids, pirates, and more!

Kids been hitting the screens too hard? Try these July STEM activities and keep kids learning this summer! Summer STEM activities keep kids learning!

STEM Activities for July that Bring Summer Fun to Science

Even though these are mostly aimed at an elementary age group (2nd through fifth grade), my middle schooler (8th grade!) still loves doing these in the summer.

I also love doing these with her because otherwise, she just likes to curl up in her room using TikTok all day (find us there at STEAMsational).

Even if the science is slightly below her learning level, it still helps with creating a love of science, which is particularly important during middle school, when it starts to get boring in school.

If you need help getting started with STEM at home, make sure you download our guide to getting started with STEM at home.

july activities for kids

July STEM Activities that Kids Will Love!

This collection of STEAM activities are some of our favorites for multiple reasons.

Some of the activities are easy to set up (which parents and teachers love), most of the experiments have quick results (which kids love), and almost all of them have a “wow” factor that is just so fun during summer.

There’s a link to the instructions for most of these activities below, and you can download the July STEM challenges prompt cards, or the full challenge set which comes with printable instructions!

And don’t miss the complete list of STEM activities for kids!

july stem challenges

Make a cartesian diver in a bottle

The cartesian diver experiment is a classic, but this version with ketchup packets made to look like fish is one of our favorites.

Design a jellyfish discovery bottle

There is almost no end to the fun you can have with a bottle and a plastic bag. It’s so easy to transform them into a jellyfish discovery bottle.

Use different colors of bags an add a little light to make it look even more like a jellyfish!

stem activities for july

Make ocean slime with clear glue and glitter

Nothing says summer fun like slime, and this ocean slime is always a favorite with my kids.

They ask to make this slime several times each summer.

Use Squishy Circuits to make a light-up mermaid

We love Squishy Circuits, as it’s a fun way to introduce the concept of electrical engineering to elementary kids.

This time, we mixed science and technology with art to create a light-up mermaid.

Use a balloon and tape to make a laminar flow

There are two types of liquid flow, rough and smooth. It’s hard to get something smooth enough to create laimiar flow, which looks like the water is frozen in time.

But with a balloon and tape, you can make laminar flow easily!

Remove the salt from saltwater using a rock, plastic wrap, and two bowls

My kids love repeating this desalination experiment over and over. It’s fascinating every time!

Who knew you could remove salt from water just by using a rock and some plastic?

july stem activities

Make a density tower using cold and hot water, jars, and food coloring

There are a lot of fun ways to experiment with density, but this color mixing temperature density tower is definitely one of our favorites.

In fact, it’s one of the most pouplar experiments on STEAMsational!

Hide plastic jewels in yellow slime to make pirate treasure slime

If your kids love pirates, they will have a lot of fun creating this pirate treasure slime.

Talk about the science, or just explore the sensory fun!

july stem challenges

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