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Classic, Must-Do Summer Camp Activities for Elementary Students

Did you go to a traditional summer camp when you were a kid? My kids are in girl scouts, and one of their favorite activities in girl scouts are their summer programs.

These summer camps focus on the fun, traditional camp experience (without the danger of the past). But you don’t have to be a girl scout to try these traditional summer camp activities for elementary students!

But if you’re doing this camp alone (or even with a friend or co-workers), you’ll want to check out our tutorial for how to do summer camp at home first.

Looking for summer camp activities for elementary? These classic summer camp activities will thrill any kid!

Must-Do Summer Camp Activities for Kids

Here you’ll find all the classic elementary summer camp activities like friendship bracelets, grilling smores, and getting outside for tons of fun and exercise!

Just because you aren’t going to summer camp this year doesn’t mean you can’t embrace that summer camp life!

Supplies for Summer Camps

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Fun Summer Camp Activities for Kids 5-11

And now, on to the fun summer camp activities! These summer camp activity ideas are best for kids between the ages of 5 and 11, but you’ll probably find (if you have one nearby) that middle schoolers also have a lot of fun with these camp activities.

Elementary kids will love these classic summer camp activities! Summer camp activities for elementary are super fun to try!

Take smores to a new level when you make these Marshmallow Constellations!

If you do any summer camp activities in the dark, these Flashlight Constellations will show you how to navigate at night!

This Galaxy Jar Experiment teaches about the galaxy and acts as a light source. Use a plastic jar for safety.

Kids will have a blast making these Exploding Paint Rockets. They really explode and make colorful art at the same time.

Kids may get very competitive doing this Watermelon Seed Spitting Math Game, so watch out!

Try this Solar System Project using salt dough and create a fun solar system mobile that is the ultimate camp craft.

STEM Minute to Win It Games bring the fun of summer camp to kids wherever they are.

These Duct Tape Emoji Bookmarks will help kids keep their place in any summer journals!

Make this Hedgehog Craft Fan and keep cool this summer!

If you make these coding bracelets, kids can write secret messages to one another using binary. That’s so summer camp!

Of course tie dye is a staple of camp life, but so is making slime! Combine them and make Tie Dye Slime.

Build a Rainbow Salt Circuit and learn about electrical engineering.

Try the glow stick STEM activity and create a working lantern using glow sticks!

If you need more fun glowing activities, these Glow in the Dark Science Experiments will keep you glowing for days.

You can’t have a summer camp without a tie dye kit!

If you need more camp craft ideas, these indoor camp crafts have everything you need.

Make solar oven smores as a classic summer camp experience!

Create your own DIY sidewalk chalk and decorate the world!

Of course you have to make camp friendship bracelets!

Keep cool and play with these sponge bombs outside.

Check out the virtual STEM camp by clicking the image below!

virtual stem camp for kids

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