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13+ Summer Camp Themes for Middle Schoolers that Aren’t Cringe

One thing that happens when kids reach middle school is that suddenly, for pricing purposes, they are “adults.” I don’t know who first invented that scam, but I bet they are laughing all the way to the bank.

Rather than put a middle schooler into an incredibly pricy summer camp program, you can instead learn how to do summer camp at home!

Because the kids are middle schoolers, if you’re not planning your camp themes as part of a larger program, you can even enroll the help of your middle schooler in planning and operating the camp.

These summer camp themes for middle schoolers are all approved by my middle-school daughter, who says they aren’t too “cringe.”

I think that is a compliment?

Don't let young kids have all the fun! These summer camp themes for middle school will make older kids happy!

Summer Camp Themes for Middle Schoolers That Aren’t Cringe

Find the list of middle-school approved summer camp themes below! Before you pick a theme, check out the recommended camp supplies below and make sure you have what you need to get started with your summer camp!

Supplies for Middle School Summer Camps

Shop these Amazon affiliate supplies to get everything you need for summer camp planning!

Middle schoolers will have a lot of fun trying the activities in our STEAM summer camp! Watch the video below for the overview then click the link below to get all the details about this click-and-go STEAM summer camp.

steam summer cmap

Middle School Summer Camp Themes

If you’re not a summer camp director, you may be a bit intimidated at the thought of planning a summer camp! But you don’t have to be! Read our DIY Summer Camp tutorial and get all the tools you need to be a summer camp planning pro.

And check out the complete list of middle school STEM activities for even more inspiration!

You can't go wrong with these Summer Camp Themes for Middle Schoolers

Tons of middle schoolers still love Pokemon. So why not try a Pokemon Summer Camp theme?

This DIY Math Summer Camp theme makes math fun for middle schoolers!

A lot of middle schoolers still love making slime! This Slime Summer Camp theme is for those kids.

This DIY Space Summer Camp theme will make any middle schooler who loves space happy.

Watch the video above, then click the STEM Summer Camp Curriculum to join this fun virtual STEM camp! You can go at your own pace or follow along with the recommended weekly schedule for a complete summer of STEM learning and fun.

Outdoorsy, active kids will love trying these Camping STEM Activities as part of their summer camp programming.

Artistic middle schoolers will enjoy this DIY Art Summer Camp theme.

These Summer Camp Science Activities will make any science-loving middle schooler happy for weeks.

This complete STEAM Summer Camp curriculum contains a week’s worth of middle-school approved science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities.

Find even more STEM Summer Camp Themes for middle schoolers here.

virtual stem camp for kids

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