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Easy and Creative DIY Art Summer Camp for Kids

Summer is just around the corner, and we all want to give our kids amazing camp experiences.

But maybe you don’t want to pay the pricey cost for in-person art camp, or you just don’t have the time to take your kids to camp every day!

So, instead of just watching endless movies and moping around all summer, we’re making our own DIY summer camps!

This week’s theme is DIY art summer camp for kids!

Don't waste money on expensive summer camps, make your own DIY summer camp at home! This fun theme offers a week of DIY art summer camp ideas for kids.

Kids will love learning all about the basics of art and getting their hands dirty in this super-fun, simple art camp that any parent can recreate for their kids.

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art camp ideas

DIY Art Summer Camp

Use the ideas in this post to make your very own art summer camp at home! Invite kids in the neighborhood or your friends over for a week of art-themed camp fun!

Kids will love participating in this super-fun day camp right in their neighborhood.

steam summer cmap
Don't waste money on expensive summer camps, make your own at-home summer camp! This fun theme offers a week of DIY art summer camp ideas for kids.

At-Home Art Camp Sample Schedule

Your camp can either run for half a day, or a full day, depending on your availability.

These camp samples are ideal for 3-hour camp blocks taking place one day a week for five days.

Use the sample schedule included, or create your own!

summer art camp

Arrival: Free exercise (drawing, painting, experimenting)

Session 1: Lesson

Session 2: Activity

Session 3: Snack

Session 4: Craft

Art Summer Camp Day 1: Color Theory

backyard art camp for kids

Lesson Plan: Color Theory Lesson

Activity: Playdough Color Theory

Craft:Color Changing Discovery Bottles

Art Camp for Kids Day 2: Drawing

backyard art summer camp

Lesson Plan: Principles of Design 

Activity: 1 Minute Drawing Challenge

Craft: Handprint Drawings

Snack: Toast Drawings

summer stem challenge cards
art summer camp

Art Camp Day 3: Painting

diy art summer camp

Lesson Plan: Painting Lesson

Craft: Bubble Painting

Snack: Art Palette Cookies

At-Home Art Camp Day 4: Pottery 

art summer camp at home

Lesson Plan: Introduction to Clay

Activity: Kool-Aid Play Dough

Craft: Clay Sea Turtles

Snack: Flower Pot Cookies

Art Summer Camp Ideas At Home Day 5: Abstract Art

at home art camp 5

Lesson Plan: Picasso Portrait Lesson

Activity: Kool-Aid Abstract Art

Craft: Scrape Painting

Snack: Rainy Day Plate Snack

art camp for kids

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