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How to Host an Easy DIY Summer Camp at Home!

Nothing is as fun for kids as hands-on summer activities. There is something magical about special summer camps and activities when you’re a kid.

But most of us can’t afford to send our kids to summer camp all summer long. Instead, you can create your own summertime camp magic by hosting your very own DIY summer camp!

Learn how to make a summer camp at home, and explore these fun summer camp themes for an at-home summer camp that kids will love!

Create a fantastic summer that is magical and fun! Host a DIY summer camp for your kiddos or the whole neighborhood! 10+ summer camp themes!

Put together a summer camp for your kids, or invite some friends and neighbors along for even more fun!

Choose from the backyard summer camp themes in this list, or make your own for weeks of summertime bliss.

How to Make a DIY Summer Camp

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diy summer camp at home

The most important part about a DIY summer camp is that it is fun for all involved. It should be fun for kids, but also fun for you!

Pick a theme that you are passionate about, and you’ll enjoy the activities as much as, or even more so than your own kids!

If you choose to put the camp on and include other kids, make sure you have enough parent help. I suggest having one adult for every six kids at your backyard summer camp.

Plan everything well in advance, and be prepared for things to go not exactly according to plan. Purchase all supplies the week before, and make sure you know exactly how to do all the projects before trying them with the kids!

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Pick a time that works with your schedule.

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Summer nights are long, so if you work during the day, maybe the best time for your at home summer camp is 6-8 PM.

If you’re too busy during the week, you could host a “camp day” every Saturday or Sunday for five weeks in the summer.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when planning your summer camp! You could even use all ideas in one full day of intense camp fun.

At-Home Summer Camp Theme Ideas

Use this list of Pokemon camp ideas to create a Pokemon summer camp! These Pokemon activities for kids are perfect for an at-home summer camp!

If your kids love Pokemon, then they will have such fun with this Pokemon Summer Camp! There are so many fun ways to enjoy Pokemon with these activities.

slime summer camp

Although slime isn’t as trendy as it was a few years ago, kids still love it. Slime makes a wonderful camp theme and you can create a lot of fun summer memories by hosting your own Slime Summer Camp.

science summer camp

Science has been a popular theme for summer camp for decades. There are so many fun science projects that you can try in an at-home summer camp. Start with a classic and make a Science Summer Camp!

Space summer camp

Thousands of kids wish they could go to space camp each year. You can make it happen this year by creating a DIY Space Camp at home!

art summer camp

Art camp is a super fun summer camp theme. This art summer camp theme focuses on five types of art and is fun for kids of all ages. Try Art Summer Camp at home this year!

Keeping math skills boosted in the summer doesn't have to be boring! Use these ideas to make your own DIY math summer camp at home!

Math doesn’ t have to be boring. Math activities can be tons of fun! If your kids love to learn, then they will love this at-home Math Summer Camp.

Build your own pirate summer camp right at home! These fun pirate activities will make a magical backyard summer camp and screen free fun for kids!

Exploring pirates is a lot of fun during the summer, and there are so many fun pirate activities that are perfect for an at-home summer camp! If your kids love pirates, than you’ll have a blast doing these Pirate Summer Camp activities.

Make summer memories with your little ones by creating an at-home summer camp with a color theme! This summer camp for toddlers is fun for all!

If you have toddlers and preschoolers, they can still get in on the at-home camp fun! Try this Colors Summer Camp created especially for preschoolers and toddlers.

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summer camp theme ideas

Done-For-You At-Home Summer Camps

Don’t have time to create your own summer camp curriculum? These summer camp books do it for you!

summer camp themes

Find everything you need for these hands-on backyard summer camp themes contained in these pages!

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Preschool Summer Camp Curriculum

Five Minute Science Experiments

More Ideas for Backyard Summer Camp

These summer camp books include all the resources you need to host your own backyard summer camp with little prep and a whole lot of fun.

You’ll find a wealth of camp ideas and activities here for kids aged toddler up to middle school!

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