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Pokemon Summer Camp Ideas for Super Pokemon Fans

Many kids go through a Pokemon-loving phase, and mine are no exception. For my oldest, her Pokemon obsession started at about age 8 and went to age 11.

When she was in this age range, we did a bunch of Pokemon activities, and now that my middle daughter is coming up on age eight, I’ve put together this list of Pokemon summer camp ideas that you can use to create a Pokemon summer camp!

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Use this list of Pokemon camp ideas to create a Pokemon summer camp! These Pokemon activities for kids are perfect for an at-home summer camp!

How to Host a Pokemon Summer Camp

Calling this set of five-days of Pokemon-inspired activities a “summer camp” is a bit grand, but if you have kids that love Pokemon, then they will adore these at-home Pokemon activities.

All you need is to ensure you have the day’s activities planned and the supplies for each of your projects.

I like to allow about 3 hours each session for my “camp,” but if you want to do longer or shorter, adjust the Pokemon activity ideas as needed.

steam summer cmap

Pokemon Summer Camp Ideas

Each day has a lesson plan, an activity, a craft, and a snack, all with a fun Pokemon theme!

You can do all five days in one week, one Pokemon day a week, or just take a few of your favorite Pokemon activities from the list below and have one long Pokemon camp day.

You can also used many of these ideas in a tradtional summer camp or for fun summer daycare activities for older kids who are out of school for the summer.

If you need extra help, make sure to read the complete guide to setting up a DIY summer camp.

Day 1: Intro to Pokemon

pokemon go camp

On the first day of camp, ensure kids are up to speed on the rules of Pokemon and how to play!

Lesson Plan: Explain card game rules

Activity: Play Pokemon Card Game 

Craft: Melty Bead Pokemon

Snack: Make Pokemon Twinkies!

Day 2: Pokemon Evolution

pokemon camp ideas

On day two, take some time to explore the evolution of Pokemon.

Lesson Plan: Learn about the evolution of Pokemon. 

Activity: Fizzing Pokeballs

Craft: Make a Pokemon Snow Globe

Snack: These Pokeball cupcakes are delicious and easy to make!

Day 3: Pokemon Types

pokemon summer camp

On day three, explore the types of Pokemon!

Lesson Plan: Learn abou the different types of pokemon.

Activity: Complete these Pokemon color-by-number worksheets!

Craft: Pokemon charm bracelet

Snack: Make these Pokemon-inspired ice cream cones!

Day 4: Pokemon Tournament

pokemon go camp

On day four, the kids will test their Pokemon skills and battle to find the ultimate Pokemon trainer!

Lesson Plan: Explain the rules of Pokemon and play an elimination tournament. Mix lesson plan time with activity time today. Award the winner a Pokemon-themed prize.

Activity: Your lesson plan time will also take up the activity time today!

Craft: Make Pokeball Suncatchers.

Snack: Kids will love making and eating this Pokemon-inspired trail mix.

Day 5: Pokemon Live

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On day five, take camp outside and play Pokemon Go! If some of the kids don’t have a way to play, let them take turns or play a live version of Pokemon by hosting an Easter egg-style hunt for Pokemon figurines.

Lesson Plan: No lesson today. Use lesson plan time to play Pokemon Go.

Activity: Pokemon Scavenger Hunt

Craft: Create these adorable Pikachu masks!

Snack: Kids will love these Pokeball oreo cake pops.

If putting together your own summer camp at home sounds too exhausting, then let us do it for you!

steam summer cmap

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Tuesday 14th of December 2021

Omg thank you so much this was very much great help! I am a very big Pokémon lover and I have made my own Pokémon club at school and I have been having trouble finding things to do for this club. This sight was very helpful thank you very much! I also recommend drawing your own new poke ball or energy.

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