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21 Pool Noodle Activities That Kids Will Love!

Hands-on learning is a lot more fun for most small kids, and sometimes, leads to better retention of the lesson. Kids will love these creative learning activities featuring pool noodles. Teach the basics of math, reading, STEM, and more with these fun pool noodle activities!

You might just find that pool noodles become your favorite learning tool after looking through these creative ideas. It’s a blast to use pool noodles for creative learning for kids.

Try one idea for things to do with pool noodles, try several ideas, and share with your friends and co-workers who might need a bit of a creative boost.

Try these creative pool noodle learning activities and learn with pool noodles! Kids will love these hands on educational activities that are perfect for classroom or home use.

21 Educational Ideas for Pool Noodles That Kids Will Love!

Try these fun hands-on pool noodle STEM activities and inspire learning that will last!

Most of these ideas for pool noodles have elements of science, engineering, art, and literacy. Even though a lot of the literacy activities are geared toward new readers, older kids will love the other sections of this list including the pool noodle art ideas, and pool noodle STEAM activities.

elementary stem challenge cards

Where to buy pool noodles

We usually buy our pool noodles from the dollar store, or on end-of-summer clearance when we remember to pick some up. But sometimes, you just can’t find the right kind or they are out of season.

If you can’t find pool noodles in your local store, try these! They even come with connectors for elaborate projects. Here is a giant pack of pool noodles if you need even more!

The Complete List of Fun Pool Noodle Activities for Kids

Kids will love these pool noodle activities. Learn with pool noodles and try these pool noodle STEM activities at home today!

If you have some pool noodles that can’t be used in the pool anymore because they are starting to crumble, don’t throw them out! Save them and try some of the super fun pool noodle activities.

There are some many things to do with pool noodles, and all of these activities with pool noodles have a fun learning twist! You’ll be playing and having a blast learning with pool noodles!

Pool Noodle Letter Activities

Use these pool noodle learning activities to teach letters and the alphabet!

Pool Noodle Letter Line

Pool Noodle Word Search

Pool Noodle Names

Pool Noodle CVC Words

Sight Word Boats

Pool Noodle Alphabetical Order

Pool Noodle Math Activities

pool noodle art

Math is a lot more fun with these pool noodle math activities.

Pool Noodle Appleseed Counting 

Pool Noodle Greater Than Less Than

Pool Noodle Base 10

Adding to 10 Pool Noodle Game

Building with Pool Noodles

pool noodle stem

If your kids want to try pool noodle engineering, try these activities that use pool noodles as building materials.

Pool Noodle Sculptures

Learning with Pool Noodles

Pool Noodle Engineering Wall

Pool Noodle Towers

Pool Noodle STEM Activities

pool noodle ideas

These pool noodle activities have tons of STEM learning!

Pool Noodle Airplanes

Pool Noodle Gravity Wall

Pool Noodle Pom Pom Sort

Pool Noodle Periscope

Pool Noodle Rockets

Pool Noodle Boat Races

Pool Noodle Art

pool noodle stem activities

Try these pool noodle activities with an art twist!

Pool noodle sculptures

Pool noodle monsters

Pool noodle art bot

Painting with pool noodles

More Hands-On Learning Ideas

STEM Projects for kids

STEM Activities for Kids

Looking for kids science projects to try? These science fair project ideas are perfect for elementary kids who love science and science activities!

Science Projects for Kids

Have a toddler? Start a love of science early with these STEM projects for toddlers! Little ones will love these creative and educational ideas!

Toddler STEM Activities

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