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Easy Summer Camp Science Activities that Don’t Require Electricity!

When you’re planning how to do a summer camp at home in the backyard (or anywhere really where you don’t have access to a kitchen!), you need easy summer camp science activities!

There are a lot of really fun summer camp science experiments out there, but a lot of them require special supplies, tools, or access to electricity.

None of the science activities for summer camp on this list require any electricity. Not even a little!

So go ahead and make this year’s summer camp the best one ever.

None of the science activities for summer camp on this list require any electricity. Not even a little!

Summer Camp Science Activities that Kids Love

In the summer, I believe that science should be fun, engaging, and teach a lesson that children can see right before their eyes. All of that will happen with the science experiments on this list!

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Summer Camp Supplies

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Easy Summer Camp Science Activities that Don’t Require Electricity or Weird Supplies

You don’t need fancy science lab equipment to teach science or do science. So many experiments can be done without the use of electricity and fancy supplies. Check out our list of summer camp science activities below that can be done indoors, outdoors, and around the world!

Summer camp science activities are so much fun! Get 20 summer camp science experiments that you can do without weird supplies or electricity!

Learn How to Make Galaxy Oobleck to illustrate non-Newtonian fluids. It doesn’t take any form of electricity at all!

You can do the Galaxy Jar Experiment with just paint and a jar!

The Solar System Slime Recipe requires a few extra supplies (but no electricity), but kids will have a blast forming planets out of slime.

These Summer Skies Marshmallow Constellations require toothpicks and marshmallows-that’s it!

The Mirror Reflection Symmetry Math Project is a lot of fun and can be done anywhere as long as you have a marker and a mirror.

Growing Crystals with Bluing and Ammonia are one of the only types of crystals that you can grow without the need for heating a solution on the stove.

The Classic Baking Soda Volcano Science Experiment doesn’t take electricity. Just baking soda and vinegar and something to contain the reaction.

When you do the How to Turn a Penny Green Experiment, you just need pennies, vinegar, and salt!

The Magnifying Glass Discovery Tray includes anything you want to examine plus a magnifying glass.

The Flip a Rainbow Light Refraction Experiment requires something to write with, a clear glass or jar, and water!

Learn How to Make Exploding Paint Rockets with Film Canisters! It takes film canisters, paint, and Alka-Seltzer tablets.

The Static Electricity Science Experiment can be done with a comb and water. Or a comb and a piece of thin paper.

All you need for the Leak Proof Bag Science Experiment is a plastic baggie, pencils, and water!

The Bending Pencil Experiment uses a clear glass, a pencil, and some water. That’s it!

The Silver Egg Science Experiment requires an egg and a candle or lighter, plus water. That’s all you need to learn about this super interesting science fact.

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Tuesday 15th of March 2022

Hello, I work at a children's psychiatric hospital and there are many safety precautions we have to take with the kiddos. Could you give me an idea of supply lists so I know if this would be a possibility for us? There really isn't any hint of what supplies are used. We can adapt but I would hate to spend the money and then not be able to do have of the experiments.

Thank you so much!!! Tam