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STEM Summer Camp Ideas that Kids Will Love

Sometimes when you research how to do summer camp at home, or even if you’re planning for an “official” summer camp, you run in to a lot of dead ends. A lot of websites have very little in the way of concrete summer camp ideas, not to mention hardly any useful STEM summer camp ideas!

But whether you are looking for STEM summer camp ideas to use in your “official” summer camp, running a summer camp at a daycare or other childcare center, or creating your own backyard summer camp, you’ll love these fun ideas for STEM summer camps.

Planning a STEM summer camp? You need a theme! These STEM summer camp ideas cover all the STEM bases and kids love the hands-on fun!

Take a look at our favorite STEM summer camps below!

Super Fun and Engaging STEM Summer Camp Ideas

Keep reading to find our favorite list of STEM summer camp themes! There are so many fun camp themes you can give a STEM twist to, and the ones on this list are our favorites!

How to Choose a STEM Summer Camp Theme

Choosing a STEM summer camp isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but if you don’t think about what sort of STEM activities you can do, you might run into a situation where your STEM activities are a bit of a stretch.

But you can rest assured that all of the STEM summer camp themes on this list will have plenty of STEM-focused fun that will spark a child’s interest in science and keep them engaged and learning every day of camp.

virtual stem camp for kids

Summer Camp Supplies

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STEM Summer Camp Ideas for Every Taste

Kids like a lot of different things, and if you’re running a camp, it’s best to choose something they will love. The summer camp themes we’ve chosen match a variety of children’s tastes in addition to having a lot of STEM activities to choose from!

Instant STEAM Camp

If you want an instant STEM camp, you need to get this STEAM summer camp curriculum. A complete five-day camp filled with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math activities with a colorful, hands-on twist.

Virtual STEM Camp

This done-for-you STEM Summer Camp Curriculum is so easy to do because it is 100% virtual. Just click, print, and experiment! Bam, STEM camp is ready to go.

Colors STEM Camp (for preschoolers)

I love the Colors STEM Camp for kids under 5. Learning about colors is one of the earliest STEM concepts kids can learn!

Fortnite STEM Camp

If the kids in your life can’t get enough for Fortnite, you’ll love these Fortnite STEM activities that you can easily transform into a Fortnite summer camp!

Science Summer Camp

The original STEM camp, before STEM was a buzzword was a science camp. Take summer camp back to those roots with this camp theme.

Math Summer STEM Camp

If the kids you are caring for like math, and maybe even if they don’t, you’ll have fun with this math camp. The math summer camp activities in this DIY Math Summer Camp are tons of fun and super hands-on!

Summer STEM Calendar

Summer camp doesn’t have to be so forma. The summer STEM calendar gives 31 summer STEM activities that are a lot of fun to do with kids of any age.

steam summer cmap

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