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STEM Summer Camp Themes for Parents, Educators, and Camp Staff

If you’re doing summer camp with kids this year, whether you’re learning how to do summer camp at home or if you have a full-time job caring for kids during the summer, themed learning is a fun way to make the summer months fun for kids-particularly if they are in the same childcare environment year-round.

You’ll find an excellent selection of STEM summer camp themes here that you can pick from, adapt, and implement without much stress at all!

Keep reading to learn about out favorite summer camp themes for kids.

Over 15 STEM summer camp themes to pick from, adapt, and implement all while boosting STEM skills and keeping your summer stress-free!

Amazing Summer Camp Themes that Kids of All Ages Will Love!

There are so many fun STEM camp themes to choose from! These low-prep summer camp themes can be done at home, in the classroom, in a childcare setting, in the backyard, and in traditional summer camps.

It’s our goal at STEAMsational to make every year a STEM summer camp year!

virtual stem camp for kids

Low-Prep STEM Summer Camp Themes

These STEM summer camp themes are designed with busy adults in mind. None of the activities are complicated, take weird supplies, or will add extra burden to your camp week in any way!

Our very favorite STEM summer camp themes are listed below. Feel free to tell us your favorite summer camp themes in the comments.

If you need more STEM activity ideas, check out these STEM activities for kids!

Virtual STEM Camp

Not every summer camp has to be in person. Some can be virtual! If you need that this year, check out this completely done-for-you STEM Summer Camp Curriculum!

Instant STEAM Camp

If you want an instant STEM camp, you need to get this STEAM summer camp curriculum. These activities contain everything you need to set up a five-day camp with activities for science, technology, engineering, art, and math!

Science Summer Camp

Some kids don’t want to focus on the technology or engineering or math aspects of STEM. For these kids, why not host a science camp? Everything is all laid out and ready for you to just plug and play.

Fortnite STEM Camp

If the kids in your life can’t get enough for Fortnite, you’ll love these Fortnite STEM activities that you can easily transform into a Fortnite summer camp!

Colors STEM Camp (for preschoolers)

Preschoolers can have fun learning about STEM, too! The Colors STEM Camp is perfect for kids under 5.

Fairy Tale STEM Camp

If the kids you are teaching lean more toward the fantastical and mythical, they will love a fairy tale STEM camp. These fairytale STEM activities will get you started with some ideas.

Disney STEM Camp

Disney STEM activities are a lot of fun, and so many kids love Disney! Try these activities when you create a Disney-themed camp.

Slime STEM Camp

Maybe the kids under your care are huge slime fans. Why not make a slime summer camp? There are so many fun slime recipes to try and the STEM learning won’t stop.

These STEM summer camp themes are designed with busy adults in mind. None of the activities are complicated, take weird supplies, or will add extra burden to your camp week in any way!

Math Summer STEM Camp

There are a lot of kids who are huge fans of math, and a lot who aren’t. The math summer camp activities in this At-Home Math Camp Activities for Elementary Kids

STEM Subscription Kit

We like to renew our subscription to Mel Kids and Mel Chemistry (for our elementary and middle-school children respectively) every summer because they offer fantastic STEM activities for kids. If you need just one or two STEM activities to do with kids a month, I highly recommend their kits!

Summer STEM Calendar

If you don’t feel like hosting a whole summer camp, you might like the summer STEM calendar instead! Here you’ll find 31 summer STEM activities that are a lot of fun to do with kids whether you have them for a STEM summer camp or not!

steam summer cmap

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