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Exciting Hands-On Spring STEM Activities for First Grade

If you are looking for spring STEM activities, you’ve come to the right place! The activities on this list include exciting spring STEM activities for first grade.

Check out the list below and pick out a few to do this spring with your class!

Get exciting STEM projects about weather, insects, gardening, and more with these spring STEM activities for first grade! 20+ project ideas!

Colorful and Fun Spring STEM Activities for First Grade

If you love spring and you love teaching science and STEM, you’ll love this list of spring science projects for 1st grade!

Keep reading to get to the list of spring project ideas, but first, make sure you have everything you need to get started teaching 1st grade STEM!

If you are looking for spring STEM activities, you've come to the right place! The activities on this list include exciting spring STEM activities for first grade.

Supplies for First Grade Spring STEM Activities

You’ll want to keep these supplies on hand when you are doing your spring STEAM activities with six and seven year olds!

These STEM products are perfect for the primary STEM classroom!


Homer Technology App for Kids 4-6

mel science microscope kit

Mel Science Classroom STEM Kits

classroom balance buckets

Classroom Balance Buckets

classroom sorting set

Primary Sorting Classroom Bundle

color cubes

Transparent Color Cubes

clixo rainbow pack

Clixo Rainbow Classroom Pack

pet homes stem challenge kit 938 pc 14268695

Pet Home STEM Challenge

mirrored stacking stem

Stacking Mirror Blocks

guidecraft magnification blocks13844710

Magnification Blocks

mystery ball stem preschool

Gravity Physics Tubes

preschool investigation specimins

Specimen Viewers Classroom Set

First Grade Spring Science Lesson Plans

First-grade teachers have a lot to do! If you need some help with your spring science lesson plans, we’ve got you covered!

Pick up a set of our FREE spring STEM challenge cards! Click the picture below to pick up your set.

spring stem challenges

20+ Spring STEM Activities for 1st Grade

These spring STEM projects are just the perfect activities to try with a first grade class! You can also do them at home with 6 and 7 year olds.

Spring Science Experiments for 1st Grade

Try these spring science experiments for first grade at home or in the classroom!

Try this Seed Sprouting Science Experiment and find out which type of soil is best for growing seeds!

Make this Fluffy Rainbow Slime and learn about color mixing and the rainbow.

Learn about the Types of Clouds by making your own puff paint clouds!

Make a Walking Rainbow and show first graders how plants drink!

Try the Apple Life Cycle Activity  and learn about the life cycle of plants.

Try the How do Trees Breathe Science Experiment and learn about how plants create oxygen.

Learn Where Wildflowers Grow around the world for a fun hands-on science activity for first grade.

Spring Technology Activities for 1st Graders

First grade is not too young for technology. Young kids will love these 1st grade technology projects!

Make a Tornado in a Jar and teach kids about severe weather in the spring.

Make a Rainbow Fall from the Clouds and build your own model of a water cycle!

Try the Recycled Paper Activity and discover the secrets of paper recycling and making!

First Grade Spring Engineering Activities

Who doesn’t love building and creating? I know most first grade kids do! These first grade engineering activities all have a spring-time twist!

Build a 3D Rose Model and learn about how to create a realisitc flower model.

Make a Cloud in a Jar and learn about how clouds are formed.

Build a Monarch Butterfly Model to discover what an insect’s body looks like up close!

Also create a bee life cycle out of clay!

Learn about plate techtonics with Edible Tectonic Plates.

1st Grade Spring Math Projects

When it comes to math, it doesn’t have to be boring! Supplement your springtime math lessons with these spring-themed math projects.

Try the spring math bundle with your first grade class!

These spring math differentiation worksheets include three types!

First grade kids will enjoy these spring math printables.

spring stem challenges

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