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Exciting Hands-On Spring STEM Activities for First Grade

If you are looking for spring STEM activities, you’ve come to the right place! The activities on this list include exciting spring STEM activities for first grade. Check out the list below and pick out a few to do this spring with your class! If you love spring and you love teaching science and STEM, you’ll love this list of spring STEM activities for kids at a first grade level.

Get exciting STEM projects about weather, insects, gardening, and more with these spring STEM activities for first grade! 20+ project ideas!

The teacher feedback you get will be top notch with these creative spring STEM activities! STEM activities for elementary in the springtime includes color, plant life, animal life cycles, weather science, and a whole lot more!

Colorful and Fun Spring STEM Activities for First Grade

Keep reading to get to the list of spring project ideas, but first, make sure you have everything you need to get started teaching 1st grade STEM!

Supplies for First Grade Spring STEM Activities

You’ll want to keep these supplies on hand when you are doing your spring STEAM activities with six and seven year olds!

Spring STEM Supplies for the Classroom

Here are some fun spring-themed activities and kits to add to your spring STEM activities.

nature boxes

Nature Exploration Boxes

prisim set

Classroom Prism Set

light exploration classroom set

Light Exploration Classroom Kit

life cycle puzzles

Life Cycle Puzzles

mobile greenhouse

Mobile Greenhouse

vegetable garden classroom kit

Classroom Vegetable Growing Kit

prisim set

Botany Lab Experimental Greenhouse 

real insect specimins

Real Insect Life Cycle Specimens

ladybug land observation jar

Ladybug Observation Habitat

plant flower observation classroom kit

Classroom Plant Observation Kit

seeds book and gardening classroom set

Seeds Book and Classroom Flower Growing Kit

life science classroom kit

Life Science Classroom Kit

water cycle posters

Water Cycle Posters Classroom Kit

weather science center

Weather Science Center

lego flower pot building set

LEGO Watering Can Set

First Grade Spring STEM Activities

First-grade teachers have a lot to do! If you need some help with your spring science lesson plans, we’ve got you covered!

Spring Books for the Classroom

Here are some spring books that you can use in your classroom this spring to teach kids about spring science and other spring topics!

spring science books set

Spring Science Book Set

weather science book pack

Weather Science Book Set

april printable pack 3rd grade

April Classroom Printables Set

may printable pack 3rd grade

May Classroom Printables Set

Amphibians Reader Grade 1 3

Amphibians Science Reader

Birds Reader Grade 1 3

Birds Science Reader

Toads and Other Amphibians Reader Grade 3 8

Toads Science Reader

life cycle science books

Life Cycle Books Classroom Set

Pick up a set of our FREE printable spring STEM challenges! Click the picture below to pick up your set of STEM activities for first grade.

spring stem challenges

20+ Spring STEM Activities for 1st Grade

These spring STEM projects are just the perfect activities to try with a first grade class! You can also do them at home with 6 and 7 year olds.

If you are looking for spring STEM activities, you've come to the right place! The activities on this list include exciting spring STEM activities for first grade.

Spring Science Experiments for 1st Grade

Try these spring science experiments for first grade at home or in the classroom!

Try this Seed Sprouting Science Experiment and find out which type of soil is best for growing seeds!

Learn about the Types of Clouds by making your own puffy paint clouds!

Complete the Walking Rainbow experiment and show first graders how plants drink!

Try the Apple Tree Life Cycle Worksheet  and teach first grade students about the life cycle of plants.

Try the How do Trees make oxygen experiment and learn about how plants create oxygen.

Learn Where Wildflowers Grow around the world for a fun hands-on science activity for first grade with this flowers around the world worksheet.

Technology Focused Spring STEM Activities for Elementary

First grade is not too young for technology. Young kids will love these 1st grade technology projects!

Make a Tornado in a Jar and teach kids about severe weather in the spring.

Make a cloud in a jar and build your own model of a water cycle!

Try the Recycled Paper Activity and learn how to make paper without a screen as well as some of the secrets of paper recycling and making!

Engineering Spring STEM Activities for kids.

Who doesn’t love building and creating? I know most first grade kids do! These first grade engineering activities all have a spring-time twist!

Learn how to make a 3D flower model with parts and learn the steps you can use to create a realistic flower model with your first grade students.

First grade students will love learning how to make a Cloud in a Jar to see how clouds are formed.

The first grade class will have a blast learning how to make a 3D Butterfly Model to discover what an insect’s body looks like up close!

First graders will enjoy making this 3D craft illustrating the life cycle of a bee activity for kids.

Learn about plate tectonics and how they work in this delicious Edible Plate tectonics activity.

spring stem challenges

Creative Spring STEM Activities for 1st Grade with a Math Focus

When it comes to math, it doesn’t have to be boring! Supplement your springtime math lessons with these spring-themed math projects.

Try the spring math bundle with your first grade class!

These spring math differentiation worksheets include three types!

First grade kids will enjoy these spring math printables.

Spring Shirts for Teachers

Whether you want to rep the newly growing flowers, the warm spring breeze, or your favorite spring animal or insect, you’ll find the perfect spring shirt for teachers here!

every day is a beautiful day to learn spring teacher shirt

Every Day is a Beautiful Day to Learn Teacher Shirt

bananna socks

Banana Socks for Teachers

flower socks

Pansy Teacher Socks

strawberry socks

Strawberry Socks

rainbow flower earrings

Rainbow Flower Teacher Earrings

every flower blooms different teacher shirt

Every Flower Blooms Differently Teacher Shirt

flower teacher shirt

Teacher Flower Shirt

cat book flowers teacher shirt

Cat, Book, and Wildflowers Teacher Shirt

be attitudes teacher shirt

Bee Attitudes Teacher Shirt

bee kind teacher shirt

Bee Kind Teacher Shirt

flower teacher earrings

Beaded Flower Earrings

wildflowers teacher shirt

Spring Wildflower Teacher Shirt

hungry caterpillar teacher shirt

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Shirt for Teachers

be the light spring teacher shirt

Be the Light Spring Teacher Shirt

teach them love them watch them grow teacher shirt

Teach Them, Love Them, Watch Them Grow Shirt for Teachers

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