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20 Brilliant Fall STEM Activities for Elementary

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These fall STEM activities provide an entire month’s worth of fall STEM projects, perfect for October, September, and Thanksgiving! Low prep and classroom friendly.

These fall STEM activities provide an entire month's worth of fall STEM projects, perfect for October, September, and Thanksgiving! Low prep and classroom friendly.


Whether it means cozy sweaters, dreary days, pumpkin spice, or technicolor leaves, fall evokes strong feelings in all of us. 

Once fall officially hits, the newness of school has worn off for both students and teachers.

Last week, I had a conversation with my daughter that went a little like this:

“Mom, what happened to school?”

I am puzzled.

“The first few weeks, my teachers were so nice, but now, they are getting mean!”

But, unlike my daughter’s teachers, you don’t have to fall into the “mean” trap once October rolls around.

Instead, engage your students with hands-on learning activities, like these fun STEM activities for fall.

Your students will never call you the mean teacher when you bring these educational fall activities to class.

You may also like these fall STEM challenge cards!

And check out this list of fall science experiments for kindergarten!

Fall STEM Activities for Kids

fall stem challenges

If your kiddos love hands-on activities, they will have a blast with these fall STEM projects.

You’ll never be lacking for a fun thematic science or STEM activity again!

Print the calendar, purchase supplies, and do the activities right in class.

Parents, you’re not left out, you can also do these fun STEM projects at home!

They would make an excellent addition to your child’s Thanksgiving break.

Get our challenge cards with instructions for even more fall STEM challenge ideas!

fall stem challenge cards

20 Brilliant Fall STEAM Activities

Elementary kids will have a blast with these fall STEM activities!

Pick one from each catagory or just pick a few that sound fun to try during the months of September, October, and November!

stem activities for fall

Fall Science Experiments

These fall science experiments are perfect for elementary kids.

Learn about molecular bonds with Cranberry Slime.

Make Dancing Popcorn and learn about chemical reactions and states of matter.

Make Salt Crystal Feathers and explore molecular bonds.

Make Butter and learn about how substances can change from one form to another.

Conduct the Leak Proof Bag Science Experiment and keep a plastic baggie with holes from leaking!

Make Salt Crystal Pumpkins and explore supersaturated solutions.

The Bending Pencil Experiment teaches kids about light refraction.

Explore crystal formation with Salt Crystal Leaves.

The Pumpkin Density Experiment explores density science with kids.

Fall Technology Projects

fall stem projects

All of these fall STEM activities have a technology element.

Find out how scientists learn about different substances with Leaf Chromatography .

Learn about the life cycle of an apple with the Apple Life Cycle worksheet!

Make Fluffy Apple Slime and discuss the technology behind each ingredient.

Make Salt Crystal Apples and discuss what technology was used in this activity.

How does technology change the creation of Fall Leaf Slime?

Fall Engineering Activities

Flex those engineering skills with these engineering activities!

Try these Pumpkin Engineering Activities!

Transform a pumpkin into a volcano with the Pumpkin Volcano experiment.

Stack apples and learn about differnet construction materials in the Apple Engineering challenge.

Transform a classic STEM activity into a fall activity when you do the Turkey Egg Drop version!

Fall Math Challenges

fall stem activities

Make math fun in early elementary with these elementary math challenges!

Match numbers or equations with these Apple Math printables.

Make your own Fall Leaf Number Match and match numbers, fractions, or equations.

Make a pumpkin geoboard!

fall stem challenge cards

More STEM Activities to Try

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