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Adorable Apple Math Printable Number Matching Game

I’m really excited to share the first way to use our new apple-themed math printables pack. There are nearly endless ways to get value from this apple math printable. It’s one of our favorite apple STEM activities. Today’s apple math printable game shows how to use the printable pack for the youngest kids with kindergarten math activities.

Teachers, you can even use this apple math game in your math centers.

Enjoy a delightful apple connection game using clothespins! Our charming apple math printable ensures the game is a breeze to set up and enjoy!

Follow the instructions to make your own version of the apple math counting game!

Math has never been quite so… appleish.

Apple Math Printable Number Matching Game with Clothespins

Combine technology with hands-on learning when you print out and use this apple number matching game with clothespins!

Make sure you grab the apple number printables before getting started on setting up the rest of the game.

Apple-Themed Teaching Resources

Apples and teaching go hand-in-hand!

Add these fun apple-themed teaching supplies to your classroom (or your house, if you just love apples that much!).

apple timer

Apple Teacher Timer

apple pencil erasers

Apple Pencil Sharpeners

apple scented teacher stickers

Apple Scented Stickers

apple progress pad

Apple Progress Pad

apple silly stickers

Silly Apple Teacher Stickers

attribute apples

Attribute Apples

apple fractions

Apple Fractions

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Count and Sort Apples

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Apple Math Tree

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Felt Board Parts of an Apple

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Squishy Apples

What You Need to Make the Apple Math Printable Matching Game

You’ll need just a few things for this apple math printable number matching game!

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apple life cycle worksheet

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Add these math challenges to your list of STEM activities for fall.

Apple-Themed Decorations

Here are some fun apple-themed decorations you can use to decorate your classroom or home when playing apple games or just for some fall flair!

apple treat containers

Apple Treat Containers

apple tissue decoration

Tissue Paper Apples

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Apple Mini Erasers

apple balloon

Happy Apple Balloon

apple party classroom kit

Apple Party Kit

 Apple Number Matching Game Setup

Pick up a set of the apple number templates here.

Print the apple sheets for the numbers you will be using onto cardstock paper.

I typically use 0-20 for Kindergarten. Cut out the apple pieces and laminate them (this is optional, but highly recommended).

Looking for fun kindergarten math activities? Don't miss these fun apple-themed math printables that will provide hours of hands-on math fun.

Cut your scrap paper into squares small enough to fit on the clothespins.

Write a number onto each of the squares so you have the same numbers on the paper as on the apples.

Tape the scraps of paper to the clothespins, one number per pin.

Prep is done!

Apple Books for Kids

Here are some colorful books children will enjoy reading to learn more about apples!

apple life book

An Apple’s Life Book

apple trees book

Apple Trees Book

apples for everyone book

Apples for Everyone Book

apples book

Apples Book

blossom to apple book

Blossom to Apple Book

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is lets-go-to-the-apple-orchard-book.jpg

Let’s Go to the Apple Orchard Book

Apple Jokes that Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

While doing the apple math counting game, here are some jokes you can share with your kids!

  • Why did the apple stop running? It ran out of juice!
  • Why was the apple so unhappy? Because it couldn’t find its core purpose!
  • What do you call an apple that’s a troublemaker? A crab apple!
  • Why did the apple go to the doctor? It felt rotten!
  • How do you make an apple turnover? Push it down a hill!

More Apple Activities for Kids

Apple-Themed Shirts and Accessories

If you love to celebrate a theme as much as I do, you’ll love these apple-themed shirts and accessories!

apple teacher shirt

Mini Apple Customizable Teacher Shirt

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Barbie Style Apple Teacher Shirt

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Metal Apple Earrings

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Customizable Apple Teacher Tumbler

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Flower Apple Tote Bag

apple heart shirt

Apple Heart Shirt

big apple earrings

Transparent Apple Earrings

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Apple Word Cloud Tote for Teachers

More Fun with Apple Math Printables

You can also try these fun activities with your apple math printable cards.

Apple Balance Game

Players place a laminated apple card on their head and race to the finish line without letting it fall.

Musical Apples

Lay the apple printables on the ground as markers. When music plays, players walk or dance around. When the music stops, each player must stand next to an apple. After each round, remove an apple.

Apple Spoon Race

Players place one of the laminated apples on a spoon and race to the finish line without dropping it.

Apple Art Activity

Arrange the apple printables in sequence and glue them in order onto a piece of paper.

apple life cycle worksheet

Directions for Playing the Apple Counting Game

Here is how to play the apple math printable game!

Don’t forget to grab the apple printable so you can make the game!

Why settle for boring flash cards when you can make math fun with this hands-on apple math pack! There are dozens of ways to use this fun math pack in a hands-on way that even kids who hate math will love.

How to Play the Apple Math Game

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Difficulty: easy

Enjoy a playful apple matching activity with clothespins! The cute printable with apple-themed math elements ensures that this counting game becomes both simple to create and delightful to engage in!


  • Cardstock paper
  • Laminating sheets
  • Painted clothespins
  • Glue
  • Pen


  • Printer
  • Laminator
  • Scissors


  1. Give a set of apples and clothespins to each child.

Have the child put the appropriate clothespin onto the appropriate apple to match the numbers.

Children can also practice opening and closing the clothespins to improve their fine motor skills.

Playing with clothespins is a great way to develop pre-writing skills!


Apple Matching Game Variations

Print the higher numbers, or the full set.

On each piece of paper, rather than writing a number, write a math problem (like 7x2).

The child will then clip the clothespin problem to the apple showing the correct answer.

Add the number of clothespins around the apple equal to the number written on the apple itself.

For example, if the apple says 7, then the kids would put 7 clothespins around that apple.

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