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11 Crisp Apple STEM Activities for Fall

Try these fun apple STEM activities with the kiddos in the classroom or home this year! These apple activities for kindergarten and preschool will bring STEM to life starting in the early years!

Let’s face it, sometimes the STEM subjects of science, technology, engineering, and math are difficult to translate for a younger audience.

How do you build STEM thinking in a kindergarten child who doesn’t even know how to count to 20? Why with STEM activities for fall like these, of course!

apple stem activities

Keep reading to find a list of fun apple STEM activities that are perfect for preschool and kindergarten kids.

Apple STEM Activities Perfect for Early Learners

What I love the most about STEM is not the actual subjects (I’m not super great at math, actually), but rather the emphasis on independent and critical thinking that it helps children develop.

Even though the STEM subjects seem rigid, they actually promote a lot of creativity and innovation.

For younger kiddos, STEM learning is all about hands-on discovery, exploration, and learning the scientific method.

During apple season, you can tailor STEM activities for kids around apples and encourage a lot of exploration and discovery with these fun apple STEM activities.

Try these fun apple STEM activities with the kiddos in the classroom or home! These apple activities for kindergarten and preschool will bring STEM to life!

Kids will love getting their hands dirty and exploring everything there is to learn about apples and with apples.

Keep reading to find a list of apple activities for preschoolers and kindergarten kids that have a STEM twist!

It’s the perfect addition to STEM bins or STEM centers in the early years.

Supplies for Apple STEM Activities

Here are some fun things you can use to go along with your apple STEM lessons!

First, grab our FREE apple life cycle worksheet!

apple life cycle worksheet

Apple-Themed Teaching Resources

Apples and teaching go hand-in-hand!

Add these fun apple-themed teaching supplies to your classroom (or your house, if you just love apples that much!).

apple timer

Apple Teacher Timer

apple pencil erasers

Apple Pencil Sharpeners

apple scented teacher stickers

Apple Scented Stickers

apple progress pad

Apple Progress Pad

apple silly stickers

Silly Apple Teacher Stickers

attribute apples

Attribute Apples

apple fractions

Apple Fractions

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Count and Sort Apples

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Apple Math Tree

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Felt Board Parts of an Apple

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Squishy Apples

Here are some of our favorite apple books to teach kids more about apples while doing your apple STEM activities!

Apple Books for Kids

Here are some colorful books children will enjoy reading to learn more about apples!

apple life book

An Apple’s Life Book

apple trees book

Apple Trees Book

apples for everyone book

Apples for Everyone Book

apples book

Apples Book

blossom to apple book

Blossom to Apple Book

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is lets-go-to-the-apple-orchard-book.jpg

Let’s Go to the Apple Orchard Book

Brilliant Apple STEM Activities Kids Will Love

Nothing says fall quite like apples!

And kids love learning using the world around them.

apple life cycle worksheet

Why not harness the power of apples and hands-on learning by doing these STEM activities with apples?

11 Delicious Apple STEM Activities for Kids

Once you try these apple STEM activities, you'll soon realize apples can be an amazing STEM subject.

What other STEM skills can you boost using apples?

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