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Spooky Halloween STEM Activities for Middle School

One of my favorite times of the year is the Halloween season. It’s a chance for me to act like a kid again and dress up in silly costumes.

But our favorite thing to do during October are Halloween STEM activities for middle school! These middle school Halloween STEM challenges are a fun way to mix science with spook.

We’ve always done tons of middle school STEM activities and kids science projects, but this year, I decided to give our science experiments and STEM activities a little “ick” factor by transforming them into Halloween STEM activities. 

Halloween STEM activities for middle school keep kids learning. These middle school Halloween STEM challenges are a fun way to mix science with spook.

Yet another thing I love about Halloween is the ability to gross out my kids. Middle schoolers especially love a good gross out!

Middle schoolers will be grossed out in the best way possible when you show them these Halloween STEM activities and Halloween science experiments. STEM education has never been so fun!

If you love Halloween and you love STEM activities, jump right in with these amazing Halloween STEM activity ideas for middle school! 

Why Do Middle School Halloween STEM Activities?

halloween stem activities middle school

The ultimate goal of middle school STEM activities (and even at the high school level) is to help children gain an interest in STEM fields.

STEM fields are jobs that use elements of science, technology, engineering, and math and range from careers like teaching to becoming a doctor, or even becoming an astronaut.

Today, almost every career includes some STEM, which is why these subjects are so important for kids to learn early and have an interest in.

STEM subjects in school also aren’t just there to teach STEM subjects to kids, but also work with the philosophy that school “subjects” work together in harmony, and you can’t really use one subject alone, but must look at problems from a lens of creativity and combination solutions.

During Halloween, the theme of “gross” or “mad scientist” becomes popular in culture.

That makes this the ideal time to introduce some fun hands-on science themes to middle schoolers.

And you’ll also like our list of Halloween science experiments. 

middle school halloween stem activities

Supplies for Middle School STEM Activities

My middle schoolers love these Halloween STEM activities, and most of these middle school Halloween STEM challenges can be adapted for classroom or home use.

You’ll want some classic lab equipment when doing middle school STEM activities. Equipment like a microscope, safety goggles, and beaker set, are essential.

halloween stem challenge cards

You may also find these science products helpful:

You’ll want to have either large plastic trays (I use this kind), a sensory table, or official STEM bins to put your activities in.

For Halloween specifically, you will probably want some Halloween figures like plastic bugs, eyeballs, or Halloween mini toys.

For the activities listed below, you’ll also want to have on hand:

NGSS Alignment in Middle School

Middle schoolers build on the same NGSS concepts that were started all the way back in kindergarten.

However, middle schoolers have an expanded range of topics and themes that they explore. You can find a list of middle school NGSS concepts and topics here.

However, most of the experiments in this list fall under these standards:

  • MS-PS1 Matter and its Interactions
  • MS-PS3 Energy
  • MS-LS1 From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes
  • MS-LS3 Heredity: Inheritance and Variation of Traits
  • MS-LS4 Biological Evolution: Unity and Diversity
  • MS-ETS1 Engineering Design

Creepy Halloween STEM Challenges for Middle School

halloween stem challenge middle school

There are dozens of Halloween STEM activity ideas to try.

Some of these are completely new STEM Halloween STEM activities and some are simply Halloween twists on classic STEM activities.

Try out these middle school Halloween STEM activities and have a blast this Halloween! 

There is something spectacular about mixing Halloween with science.

It’s the perfect time to explore everything gross and disgusting in the science world!

Have fun, and Happy Halloween!

Middle School Halloween Science Experiments

Halloween science experiments are the most popular this year. However, as discussed above, nothing in science is really *just* science.

We also use technology, math, and engineering or design to complete science experiments.

But, if you’re looking for Halloween science experiments that focus mostly on the science portion, you’ll like these STEAM Halloween activities.

And if you need even more Halloween science, check out our full list of Halloween science experiments.

Try the ghost chromatography experiment for kids and learn how chemists prove what a material is!

Make a Halloween Density Jar and explore the basics of density vs mass.

Explore the importance of hand washing and bacterial growth with the Hand Washing Science Experiment.

Middle schoolers will love learning about non-Newtonian fluids with this Spooky Spider web Slime Experiment.

Explore chemical reactions by making a Halloween lava lamp.

Do the Halloween Salt Crystallization Experiment and learn about ionic bonding and crystal formation.

Halloween Technology Activities for Middle School

halloween stem middle school

Nothing says “scary” like technology! Middle school kids will have a blast with these technology-related Halloween experiments.

Design a Halloween Catapult and explore angles, tragectories, and other fun math concepts!

Make Exploding Minecraft alka seltzer rockets and explore the basics of rocket science.

Learn about water pressure and diving science in the Diving Ghost Experiment.

Middle School Engineering Halloween Experiments

Make your own Halloween Jello Worms and explore the design behind common props and horror elements in gross movies.

Try the “brain in a bag” experiment and learn about molecular bonding and polymer chains.

Halloween Art/Design Experiments

Design is a big part of STEM fields (or STEAM fields, if you like). These Halloween STEAM activities will be a favorite with your class.

Middle schoolers will love the create your own Monster Engineering Activity. In this, middle schoolers can learn a bit about the technology used to create classic monsters in TV and old movies.

Make a blood model project using slime and other classroom supplies. Learn about the function and parts of blood!

Halloween Middle School Math Activities

These Halloween STEM activities have a big math component. If you get things wrong, your experiment will be a disaster.

Make this Edible Bacteria Candy and learn about the math behind following a recipe and the math behind microscopes!

Middles schoolers will have fun with these Halloween interger equations.

What middle schooler wouldn’t like pumpkin pi math?

These Halloween math puzzles are super fun for middle schoolers.

Bring some STEAM to math class with these Halloween math art challenges!

halloween stem challenge cards

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