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25 Creative Christmas STEM Challenge Ideas for Elementary

If you really love Christmas, you’ll love these amazing Christmas STEM challenge ideas and Christmas STEM challenge ideas for kids of all ages.

Christmas has never made you this smart before!

We’re all about STEM activities for kids here at STEAMsational where you can learn just about anything about the basics of science, technology, engineering, and math.

If you really love Christmas, you'll love these amazing Christmas STEM challenge ideas for kids of all ages. Christmas has never made you this smart!

What better way to learn about science than learning all about the science, engineering, math, and technology behind Christmas in STEM Christmas activities!

These amazing Christmas STEM activities will give you plenty to do from now until Christmas Day.

Grab a child, grab some science tools, and get started with these Christmas STEM activities!

Christmas STEM Challenge Ideas You Can Try at School or Home

If you really love Christmas, you'll love these amazing Christmas STEM challenge ideas and Christmas STEM activities for kids of all ages.

Try the activity that catches your eye the most, or try them all!

These STEM Christmas activities s are a blast for kids of all ages!

Keep coming back, each year we add more fun experiments!

Supplies for Christms STEAM Activities

Here are some supplies that we always like to keep on hand for STEM activities.

christmas stem challenge cards

The Complete List of Christmas STEM Activities for Elementary

christmas challenge ideas

We have so many fun Christmas-themed STEM challenges for kids!

If you can’t get enough just from these ideas, you’ll also want to try:

Our Favorite Holiday STEM Activities for Kids!

These are the STEM activities for Christmas that we keep returning to over and over!

Find even more Christmas science experiments here.

All of these are complete STEM activities, but I’ve broken them up into what the main focus is to keep things a little more organized!

christmas stem projects

Christmas Science Experiments

These Christmas science experiments all have a fun holiday twist that elementary kids will love!

Kids will also love these candy cane science experiments!

Kids will like making this How the Grinch Stole Christmas Slime after reading the story.

A chemical reaction creates these Bubbling Christmas Lights!

These Galaxy Christmas Ornaments can help children explore lamination in a liquid.

Fizzing Christmas Ornaments teach kids about chemical reactions and also let them have a fun ornament to take home!

If kids love slime, then they will love this Edible, Sticky Taffy Slime recipe.

This Peppermint Slime smells amazing and can teach kids about polymer chains.

Teach about static electricity with the Magic Clinging Tinsel Bow experiment.

Christmas Engineering Activities

christmas stem challenges

If your students love engineering activities, they will have a lot of fun with these!

Younger kids will like to explore engineering when they Build a Christmas Tree from Playdough.

Learn about design and the right materials with this Bubbling Snow Globe project.

This Hide the Deer Engineering Challenge shows kids how deer can use their environment to blend in and stay safe!

Build an Ornament Holder and learn about the right way to protect something fragile!

Find ways to keep presents safe in this Don’t Break the Presents challenge!

Christmas Technology Projects

christmas steam ideas

Your elementary kiddos will have a lot of fun with these Christmas-themed technology projects!

Learn a bit about how screen printing and design works with this Design Your Own Wrapping Paper activity.

Create a better way for Santa to get around in the Design a New Sleigh for Santa activity.

Construct a New Hat for Santa and give him a snazzy new look!

Light Up a Christmas Tree and try your hand at electricial engineering.

These Binary Ornaments have coded Christmas messages!

Christmas Math Activities

Try these Christmas math activities with the kids this year!

Younger kids will love this Dot Marker Color by Number activity. You can make it more advanced by using math problems to solve instead of just numbers.

Boost math skills while making Long-Lasting Gingerbread Ornaments.

This math challenge explores How Many Kids Can Santa Visit if he could only travel at the same speed as a normal human.

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