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Poison Dart Frog STEM Activity


This printable poison dart frog fact sheet supplies essential scientific facts about poison dart frogs perfect for homeschooling or a thematic unit in a classroom.

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This poison dart frog fact sheet is the perfect way to launch an independent study on poisonous frogs. NO-PREP required!

Are your kids fascinated by poison dart frogs? This simple poison dart frog fact sheet allows students access to quick facts about the poison dart frog in a colorful format. It is the perfect accompaniment to a frog unit study or frog thematic unit.

Find ideas to complete your frog unit study here. 

Included in this printable:

-1 poison dart frog fact sheet

How to Use

Click the link to add the printable to your cart and select “Proceed to Checkout.”

Enter your address and e-mail info on the checkout page. Click “Checkout.”

You will be directed to the download page. Click “Download: Poison Dart Frog Fact Sheet” to save your printable. You will also be sent an e-mail link to download your printable.

Print as many copies of the PDF printable as you need for your classroom or homeschool. Do not distribute the pdf file. Instead, send friends to STEAMsational to download their own copy.

Give one worksheet to each child and allow them to study the facts. Combine your frog fact sheet information will a complete poison frog unit study, found here. 

Share this project with a friend!


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